perfume shop

Perfume is one of the most popular products all over the world. There are many ways to sell it, except for the kiosk in the mall, the rest is the shop. We know that there are many famous brands of perfumes in the world. Their stores are very high-end, and customers feel very comfortable inside. The brand is one aspect, and shop decoration is also one aspect. Beautiful and high-end stores can always attract more customers, and they will think you are more professional. 

perfume display shop

Gold has always been a very luxurious color. Many jewelry stores, perfume stores, and cosmetics stores use golden display cases. This store is no exception. We can see that its wall shelves and glass display cabinets are all golden, as well as logos. The golden raw material is stainless steel. Stainless steel is a high-quality material, which is involved in many fields. 

perfume store design

Many displays in this perfume shop are directly embedded in the wall. It seems to be integrated with the entire wall. There are also some patterns on the wall as decoration, which looks very high-end and beautiful. 

The logo can use 3D stainless steel luminous logo, this kind of logo is very advanced and can be integrated with the display cabinet. In addition to the display on the wall, we also need some ordinary cabinets, which are placed directly in the middle of the store, usually glass display cabinets.

perfume stand

The matching of the ceiling lights and the entire store is also very important, and we also need to choose the same color. There are many types of ceiling lights, they are like works of art, very high-end and beautiful. So we have many choices.

Retail Store

The styles of the shops are diverse, and we can arrange them completely according to our own ideas. If you want to see the effect before decorating and buying furniture, we can also do a 3D design first. Show what we want through the design drawing, so that we can know whether it meets the effect we want.