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Sunglasses have always been a very popular product. It can protect our eyes from harm under the scorching sun, and can also be used as our personal decoration. We all know that people wearing sunglasses look very cool. When we passed by a small stall selling sunglasses, we would stop to take a look and try again. If satisfied, we will buy. Even if we did not intend to buy sunglasses at the beginning, sometimes if we think it is good, we will still buy it. So sunglasses are very easy to sell.

The sunglasses display cabinet I will introduce today is suitable for stores, shopping malls or exhibitions. It is an independent high wall cabinet with a glass shelf in the middle, a poster showing our products on the top, and a cabinet below, which can store our products or other accessories. The sunglasses display cabinet I will introduce today is suitable for stores, shopping malls or exhibitions. It is an independent high wall cabinet with a glass shelf in the middle, a poster showing our products on the top, and a cabinet below, which can store our products or other accessories. This is a brief introduction to this cabinet. From the design drawing above, we can also see how it is displayed and its effect. Let’s see details.

Sunglasses display shelf for sale

Size: 1200x350x2000mm

Material: MDF, tempered glass

Surface finish: Baking paint

Others: Stainless steel drawer handle, poster, acrylic board, chrome bolt



1. After you place the order, we will provide drawings with detailed dimensions, materials and installation, but these details are for the workers in our factory to see. We will also send you confirmation. When we receive the remittance, we will arrange production. The basic material we use is Medium-density fiberboard, which is a very commonly used wood. We first use the base material to make the shape of the cabinet, and then we need to polish the surface repeatedly to make it smooth, and then apply a layer of white primer. After the primer is finished, a finishing coat is needed. The color of this cabinet is white, so the color of our finish is also white. After spraying the finishing coat, it needs to be baked and shaped at high temperature, and then it is finished. 

2. Of course this is only preliminary, we need to install other accessories next. For example, glass laminates, our glass laminates are fixed with glass clamps. We will fix the glass clip on the cabinet, and then put the glass in, so that the laminate is completed. The poster on the laminate needs to be provided by the customer. We will print it out and fix it on it with acrylic board and advertising nails. This kind of poster is not illuminated. Next, we need to install the drawers. We need to install stainless steel slides in the cabinet first, and then put the drawers in. Each drawer has a lock, the key is common, one drawer has two keys. After everything is installed, the cabinet is complete. We take the photo machine video to the customer for confirmation. After getting the customer's approval, we will arrange transportation. Before shipping, we need to pack the cabinet.


If the customer has no special requirements, we all ship by sea. We all know that the shipping time is about 25-35 days. If it is transported in LCL (Less than container load), it will first be transported to the warehouse, and then there will be commodity inspections, and then transported to other containers. In this process, it is inevitable that there will be some bumps, so our packing box needs to be very strong and safe. First, we will wrap the edges of the cabinet with foam to avoid bumps. Secondly, we will wrap the entire cabinet with stretch film, and strengthen the edges and corners to protect the entire cabinet. Our packing box is a wooden box. When putting the cabinet into the wooden box, we will also put foam boards around the inside of the wooden box for double protection. Our packing boxes are all sealed with nails and are very strong, so there is no need to worry about the cabinets inside being damaged. There is no problem, unless something unexpected happens during the process of ocean transportation.


After the goods are packaged, we will affix a mark and a fragile label on the box. When everything is ready, we will notify the freight forwarder to pick up the goods from our factory. The goods will be shipped to their warehouse first. We need to prepare customs declaration and commodity inspection materials so that the goods can be shipped and transported smoothly. In this process, we will send customers the invoices and bills of lading required for customs clearance and delivery, and customers can use these information to pick up the goods at the port. So imported goods need to pay tax, our transportation does not include tax, so customers need to pay customs duties. The amount of tariff depends on the local customs and the total value of the goods. If it is delivered to the door, we will help you clear the customs and deliver it to the designated address. You do not need to come to the port to pick up the goods, but you still need to pay customs duties. When the goods arrive at your designated address, you need to unload the goods yourself. Our service does not include unloading. You can rent a forklift nearby to unload the cargo.

Ant Display

The above is the production and transportation process after ordering our products. Ant Display is an export company and have been in this industry for more than ten years. We hope we can ship our products to all parts of the world. Our production is very strict, and we will strictly control the quality. Customers can supervise with us. Our production is transparent. If customers want to see the progress, we can take pictures and show them. So you can see the progress of the goods at any time. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate, no matter where you are, we can deliver the goods to you.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF,baking paint, tempered glass
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