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candy shop shelf

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Candy shop bowl shape display stand |creative furniture for sweet shop

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Welcome to our website, welcome to my page. I am furniture that mediocre but shiny in a candy store. Mediocre because I am a very ordinary member of the candy store furniture group. It shines because you will be attracted to me when you see me alone. Anyway, I think I am pretty good looking. Now that you’ve clicked in, you must be interested in me. In order that you may know me better, I will tell you all I know about me.

Bowl shelf’s self-introduce

First, my biggest diameter is 124cm,and my height is 125cm. Although I am not slim or tall, I am cute. Second, my body is made of middle-density fibreboard. This is a common material. But it is said that the process used to make me is very complicated. As expected, there will be a return on investment. My color is changeable. No matter what color you like, I can become what you like. Well, then let’s see how I was born.

The journey of the birth of bowl shelf

When you decided to bring me home, my seed sprouted. When I was born, I went through three processes. Build my wooden body, polish my surface, and give me color.

Wooden body

First of all, I have a detailed drawing, which records my shape and the size of each part. Then the person who makes me will prepare the material to shape my body according to this drawing. Because I was so chubby, the first step took several days. I have an iron pipe inside, so I am very strong. Once my wooden body is complete, the next thing I need to do is work on my surface.


I am now the color of wood, surface is also very rough, not good looking. So I need to polish my body, just like a bath to get rid of the dirt and make myself smoother. In order to wash more clearly, I need to polish my body repeatedly, then apply a white primer,and this process takes three or four days.

Baking paint

There’s only one more step to go. It is my color. My color is based on your preferences. General baking pain is divided into matte baking paint and glossy paint. We confectionery furniture family is to choose gloss commonly because it looks shiny and beautiful. Once the paint is finished, I need to be baked at a high temperature to set the color. After finishing the “makeup”, in order not to get too excited after seeing you. I need to calm down for a night. After the calm, a new and beautiful me appeared. In total, it takes about 15 working days to be fully born after you place an order.

candy shop display

The cross-dressing of the bowl shelf

When it’s all done. I am ready to see you. But it’s a long way and I need to hire a very safe and comfortable car to take me to your place. In order to protect me, I need to wear a strong suit. My corners are enclosed in EPE foam bars to prevent bruising. And then my clothes are stretched-film, a few layers inside and out, I feel very safe. My car is a wooden box with foam walls and seat cushions inside. I feel very comfortable. The wooden case is secured with airsoft nails, so there is no need to worry about it falling apart. It’s a long journey ahead.

candy shop stand packaging

The voyage of the bowl shelf

Even so, I also need the container brother to lead the way to your side. I need to prepare a series of customs declaration and commodity inspection materials, and only passing them can I set foot on the journey smoothly. The journey is long, usually 25-35 days. You will be informed to pick me up when I get near the port. Since I am from another country, you need to provide the invoice and bill of lading to the local customs when you receive me. We will send this information to you in advance.

My role

When we meet smoothly, I can do things for you. You can put me in your store. I can help you showcase products and attract more customers. I am very confident in myself and believe that I am very helpful to you. A saying I often hear is value for money, you will get as much as you pay. I am definitely worth your effort. Hope we get along well, I can stay with you for many years. If you like me, take me home. I am looking forward to seeing my family at a candy store.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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