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Hot Selling Customized Bakery Kiosk for Bread Kiosk for Food Display Counter in Retail Store

Hot Selling Bakery Kiosk & Bread Display Counter for Food Kiosk in Retail Store

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Hello everyone, what I want to introduce to you today is a baking kiosk. Why are baked goods more and more popular now? In addition to deliciousness, more importantly, there are many baking options. You can buy it according to your favorite taste. The profit of selling baked goods is very high, because its cost is relatively low and the threshold is not high. If you don’t know what your first business is selling, baked goods are a great choice.

Customized Baking Kiosk with Professional Design

The baking kiosk we use the plywood and stainless steel as a main material. For the layout, the front of the kiosk we put the cake display area. The place is really convenient for people to choose the bread. Inside of the kiosk, we put the sink in the middle of the kiosk, and set the sitting area in the kiosk. This kind design, will help people attract more customer.

If you decide to open the bakery kiosk, what things will you consider?

Firstly, you need to find a good place in the mall to sell your baking product. We all know that the good place will help you attract more attentions, and increase people to buy the baking food. Then you can obtain more profit.

Second, after you got the accurate place in retail store, you need find the china manufacturer to help you build the baking kiosk. Ant Display focus on designing and producing the mall kiosk for 17 years. We can produce the baking kiosk according your needs and mall requirements.

How to Customize the Baking Kiosk?

First of all, we suggest that need to do the 3d design. The design will show you all of your requirements. Then you can make sure it is whether you want. If there are any changes, we will modify it according your needs. Finally, the 3d design and construction drawings will help you get the approval from the mall.

After you get the approval from the mall. We can start to produce it. Please arrange the 50% payment deposit, we arrange the order to factory to produce. Before loaded the kiosk, you need arrange the balance payment.

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 5*3 m
Materials plywood
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