Bubble tea shop furniture

Summer is approaching, and a sip of cold milk tea in the hot summer will make people feel comfortable. If you plan to open a milk tea shop, now is a good time to start. It is April. Usually, a project requires 3 months to be reserved. So starting from now on designing, confirming, and producing, When you receive it, it's the peak sales season to start your business. Today, what I want to introduce is the latest design of our milk tea shop, I hope it will be helpful to you.


Store facade design

The first thing that attracted us was the decoration of the store. Glass doors and glass windows allow us to see the layout of the store from the outside. Warm lighting can adjust the relaxing atmosphere. On the left is the decoration with modern elements, with some plants on it, which looks very attractive. On the top is the luminous logo, even in the dark, the bright logo is particularly attractive.


Store interior layout

The whole shop has rich colors and warm lighting, which makes people feel fresh and comfortable. The work counter with L-shaped is set inside, the main material is baking varnish, and the countertop is artificial stone. It looks very advanced. Add a fixed wooden display rack on the ceiling to place bubble teacups for decoration, and add two advertising machines and a fixed wall shelf inside the counter, which is very convenient for work. Let us pay attention to the display furniture. It has three types: small stools, chairs, and sofas. The table has two styles: round table and square table. From the picture, we can see their different characteristics. Besides, display racks are added to put plants to make the shop look fresher and express the green theme.

Bubble tea shop furniture


Wall decoration

If the wall is just white and there is no decoration, it will make people feel monotonous. Our customers put posters and unique pattern stickers on them. According to different positions, the stickers will be different, and the addition of hanging chairs to make the store looks more unique and reasonable use of space.


Store interior layout

The style of this bubble tea shop is modern and fashionable. Spotlights and chandeliers are installed on the ceiling. And the warm light makes the whole shop look very comfortable. The customer is satisfied when he check our design. He is very happy that we can provide such a beautiful design. We can make new designs in other styles according to your ideas, and combine your product and brand name to make your design more perfect.

Bubble tea shop furniture


Design services

Because everyone sells different products and has different stores, so we don't have the same design. Our company has an excellent design team, they can make a new store design and add brand names according to your requirements. When you confirm that the design and needs to add new ideas, you can tell us and we will modify it for you. to ensure the design meets your requirements. Before design, we need to charge a 500USD design deposit, this deposit will be deducted from the order price, so please don't worry.



Design time: 3-4 workdays

Production time:25-28 workdays

Shipping time: about 28 days

We will send you the 3d design for confirmation within 3-4 days. What we provide is a professional 3D max rendering. You can see all the details and better confirmation details, If you need to modify this may take one week. Our production time depends on the quantity of furniture because we are purely hand-made, and if the quantity of furniture is large, the manufacturing time will take longer. The transportation time depends on your country and port of destination, usually about one month.