A hat is a very popular accessory. Many girls wear hats to match their clothes and makeup. Wearing a hat has many advantages. While playing a decorative role, it can protect against sun in summer. In the sandy season, you can avoid messing up your hairstyle and stain your hair. Wearing a hat outdoors in winter can keep you warm. If you are going out but don't have time to manage your messy hair, you can also wear a hat to cover it. Hats are also good for the scalp, especially in the sun. A hat can protect your scalp. These are the reasons why some hats are popular.

What should you pay attention to before opening a hat store?


To open a hat shop, you need to make preparations and research work before opening the shop, so as to increase the sales of the shop.


What we need to consider is the location of the store. This is the primary problem faced by opening hat shops, milk tea shops, restaurants, etc. As we all know, choosing a shop in a place with a lot of traffic is naturally good for business. However, for a hat shop, it is not best to open the shop in a prosperous area. When choosing a store address, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the store’s rent, customer sources, competitors, etc., and then choose a suitable address.

Store construction

Secondly, the more important thing is the hat store decoration. Neat windows and orderly display of hats are often the characteristics of this hat shop. At the same time, there are various types of hats, and different types of hats are suitable for consumers with different personalities. Therefore, correctly classify the types of hats, and then determine one of the types of hats as the main product based on the main source of customers in the store. At the same time, it is matched with other small accessories. In this way, it can not only meet the diversified needs of consumers but also solve the problem of store backlogs.

Supply of Goods

In today's hat industry market, the supply channels of hat shops are roughly divided into the following two types:

  • The first type:  send your own design drawings to the manufacturer to customize this hat. But this kind of cost will be relatively high, cycle factory. It has its own IP, suitable for the main style sold in the store all year round.
  • The second type: buy finished products or stock hats directly from manufacturers. However, these hats cannot reflect the characteristics of the entrepreneur's own shops, and will also cause homogenized price competition in hat shops. Therefore, the purchase channels in this way must be cautious and need to be controlled to a certain degree.

cap store design

Cap Display Stand in Retail Store

These hats show that our main substrate is MDF, and the surface is baking paint. Then some hat displays use stainless steel plus models. Different types of hats are displayed in different types of display cabinets. For the laminate display, we will add a light strip on the top of the laminate to make the display area brighter. You can see the details of the hat more clearly. There will be a mirror next to the hat display cabinet because the customer needs a mirror to see the overall effect when trying on the hat.

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How to Order the Hat Display?

  • Talk with the salesman and send all your requirements for the hat display
  • Pay the design fee ( it ups to your shop size), but when you confirm the order, the design fee will be refunded to your deposit.
  • Working out the detailed construction drawings for customers confirm.
  • 50%deposit for production
  • Producing and quality checking.
  • Balance payment need arrange
  • Package
  • Arrange shipment for you.