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Wigs play an important role in our lives. In addition to meeting our needs for hairstyles, wigs actually have a series of functions. This is also based on his satisfaction with the hairstyle. Retouch the face shape and change the shape. This is the most basic function of a wig. It can decorate our hair and change our hairstyle. Some girls with big faces often cleverly use wigs to cover their faces. Friends with short hair like long hair. Wigs play a very important role at this time. This also reflects that certain profits can be obtained from selling wigs.

Wig Display Stand

The wig display cabinet has three levels of display. The first two rows are displays of wigs with models, and the lower row is a display of wigs. There are light strips on each floor of the display cabinet, which can better facilitate customer display. The material of the display cabinet is MDF, and the surface is painted. This will make the entire display cabinet more smooth and attractive. For his LOGO, we will add on the top and middle layers. This allows customers to better understand our products. At the bottom of the display cabinet, we installed a cabinet. Because the cabinet will be more convenient for our storage.


  • Material, MDF
  • Size: 1.2x0.35x2.0m
  • Surface, baking paint
  • Color, blue
  • Style, Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others led strip, lightbox, stainless steel kick toe, led logo

How to choose a good display stand?

attitude determines everything; details make success. Not all standalone showcases are good, and consumers have to learn how to look at them. In the design of the display cabinet, we must pay attention to details. Improve the quality of independent cabinets and enhance their own brand. From the design plan to the production process of the showcase, every step is very rigorous. Moreover, there are many styles of showcases, and the shelves inside are equipped with light bars. With light bars, customers can better display their products.

Production Process

Wood body

Wooden cabinets are constructed according to the size and shape of the display cabinets. We need to reserve the wires in the cabinet first. The cabinet door and drawer are made separately. After the cabinet is finished, we need to polish the surface smoothly.


Polishing is a relatively trivial process. This takes a lot of time. We need to smooth the surface of the cabinet. Then apply a layer of primer. This will help color the cabinet.

Baking Paint

Paint baking is a very important process. If we have a favorite color, we can choose the color in advance. The workers in our workshop will adjust the color according to the Pantone color chart. Then spray it on the cabinet. Finally, it is shaped at high temperatures.


When the wooden cabinet is finished, we will start to install the light strip, LOGO, and lightbox. The voltage and wires are rectified according to the customer's local needs.


After the goods are completed, you need to arrange the balance payment and freight. We will ship the goods to your designated port or address. If shipped to the port, you need documents to pick up the goods at the port. The people at the port will mention that they will notify you in advance to pick up the goods, and we will also send you the documents required for customs clearance and shipment. After the goods arrive, you need to arrange for someone to unload them. We do not help customers unloading. Our freight is transportation cost, excluding customs duties. All imported goods need to pay customs duties, the specific amount is determined by the customs and the total value of the goods.

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Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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