For an enterprise that wants to participate in an exhibition, it is very necessary and important to design the exhibition booth well. The exhibits display inside the booth can make the audience noticed at a first glance and guide them into your booth. A good booth design must be able to deliver the company info and product info from a long distance. So that more visitors can understand and be familiar with your products then make a deal. Selling products is the main purpose of the product exhibition, so what skills should be embodied in booth design?

trade show booth

When we attend a Fair or exhibition, we need an outstanding trade show booth to display our products, The good trade show booth is based on a nice booth design, So, here s the 5 useful tips and skills on a  functional fair booth design. 

Proper Research

Before designing the exhibition booth, you have to consider it comprehensively in all aspects. In order to effectively avoid mistakes in the construction procedure steps, proper research is necessary. As an interior designer, you not only need to learn the products, but you also need to stand at the point of the customer and think about what they think, then start to design.

Once the designed exhibition booth lacks good experience in real production, it will make mistakes when starts. Some participating enterprises will put forward various requirements during the exhibition arrangement and ask for some more exhibition arrangement projects. In this way, the construction party must work overtime. Maybe the exhibitors don't care about the overtime payment of construction workers, but if the exhibitors communicate with the designers and construction companies in advance when designing the exhibition booth, they can save resources and establish a good and efficient image of the participating enterprises and construction enterprises.

Reuseable Design

The design of the exhibition booth structure must be rigorous so that the booth can be used many times

The exhibition booth designed by an enterprise must have a good design scheme. The trade show booth design mainly reflects the image of "having perfect functions, highlighting the overall image, and having a unique shape". All these factors can be used as the criteria for judging the exhibition booth. However, the design requirement for the exhibition booth is that "it must have an ingenious structural design, and the booth can be renewed", which is also important aspects that require the design of the exhibition booth to be functional.

It is reported that there are differences between exhibition design and enterprise showroom design. Most of the exhibitions are temporary. They will be demolished in 7-8 days, but the cost will vary from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. It depends on the industry classification. Therefore, a reusable booth design is essential to every company.

Control The Cost

The cost-effectiveness of exhibition booths is very important. It is also necessary to control the cost when designers start work. A good designer should calculate how much money the exhibition booth needs and how much benefits the exhibition products can bring. For the exhibition cost, it is better to know how much the industry needs and the benefit value of its own products. You can also consult the specific situation of exhibition booths of relevant industries. Enterprises to participate in an exhibition booth, this need to calculate the cost, whether the exhibition will bring good results. Cost calculation is one of the most important links.

Product Presentation

The exhibition booth is different from the enterprise private showroom. Most of the exhibition booths are oriented to the enterprise image, products, culture, and so on. Therefore, The exhibition booth can be divided into main products and main brands. In many exhibitions, it can highlight itself. Customers will have aesthetic fatigue, visual impact performance, product experience, questions, and answers.

Focus on Customer Experience

In the end, what kind of people will buy the products they sell? When communicating with the exhibition kiosk designers, they need to communicate in place, because the designers need to choose the corresponding ideas to create. For example, for the upper-middle-class consumer groups, the color style needs to match each other according to the product. if Most of them are young people. The products are technological varieties. The color style is more scientific and technological. what's more, it can also bring a better user experience. 

It seems that designers need to consider the above three aspects of every exhibition kiosk design. After all, if the exhibition design is not good enough, it will affect participation in the exhibition. Moreover, if such an exhibition design is not well thought out, you will not only lost money on the exhibition but also your company's reputation.

The exhibition booth designed by an enterprise needs to be used many times. It needs to participate in the spring trade fair, summer trade fair, autumn trade fair, and winter trade fair. Therefore, the exhibition booth design must meet the principle of multiple-use.