Pharmacy interior design, drugstore design

As people pay more and more attention to health, drugstores are springing up in the streets. Huge business opportunities have also brought huge competition, a few happy a few sorrow. In the face of great competition, the pharmacy terminal image design or upgrade is imminent, the direction of the right, you will be half the success. When you want to open a pharmacy store, you need to think about many things and the goods should not be single. Nowadays, many stores don’t sell single catalog goods.

As a pharmacy, its main business is, of course, health-related goods. These are mainly prescription Rx, OTC, health care products, or medical devices. These can only be regarded as the traditional pharmacy business scope. At present, with the medical and pharmaceutical reform, the drug profit has declined sharply, and the main breakthrough direction is to expand the business scope. At present, some well-run pharmacies have already laid out products such as medical experience, health consultation, daily cosmetics, which account for a large proportion of the store's income.

Description of the pharmacy design

The whole pharmacy's main hue is gray. In the old pharmacy, white is usually the main color, which is more clean and tidy, and also conforms to the image of the drugstore itself. However, all-white will give people a cold sense of distance and a poor sense of space experience. In such a pharmacy, customers will first choose to give up when there are other better choices. In the design of the drugstore, some green, gray and other colors can be added to space as embellishment, which not only shows the upgrade of vitality but also gives people a sense of stability and reliability.

The pharmacy design is very simple but it can display many medicines. From this view, the wall full of all display shelves. In pharmacy design, the display shelf is also one of the key points. First of all, we should consider the positioning of the drugstore. The overall style is coordinated. The style, material, and color all have an impact on the style positioning of the space.


The shelves' bodies are made of the MDF, and the layer boards are the glasses. The glasses are very hard and it is easy for the staff to clean the dust if the shelves to be used for a long time. Every display shelf has many layers to hold and display the goods to customers. The display shelf top decoration is made of green and gray, and the medicine name on every top let people know the products catalog and which place they are put in. When customers come into the pharmacy, they can find the medicine and other daily cosmetic goods they want by themselves, and also they can ask the staff in the pharmacy to find and learn about the products for them. In the middle of the pharmacy, there are two arc display stands with 4 layers and are facing each other, which is a good putting.

This view shows the outside design of the pharmacy. The door is glass french windows. It is a common and most useful design. People can have a view of the pharmacy layout from the french windows when they are outside or pass by. It is wise for the pharmacy to put some display stands to show some promotional goods or daily useful goods in front of the door, which can attract some customers to buy them and come into the medicine.

The display design of a shop focuses on window design, and the focus of window design lies in how to make a creative window. Shop window is not only the appearance part of the overall decoration, and store the first exhibition hall, it is our mainly engage in the sale of goods, use opportunely scenery and props, decorated with background images for the foil, with the right lighting, color, and text, is a comprehensive advertising commodities introduction and propaganda art form.

Cashier desk as an essential supporting facility in the store, more and more customers pay attention to. The cashier desk, commonly known as the checkout, is the place where customers pay for transactions, and also the place where customers last stay in the store. For any retail outlet, the importance of a good impression on customers determines whether they will come again. In addition to the main purpose of the cashier, the cashier desk will play a special role while attracting the attention of customers. The cashier register desk is an important part of a shop. The cashier desk shows the image of the shop and it should match the whole pharmacy style. The material of the cashier desk is MDF and is with baking paint. It is enough big for two staff to work together.  


In conclusion

Every shop needs a good design for their relevant business. Though some design points are common, you can get a unique one. Anti Display Limited is good at making design and producing the goods for you.