Candy is very common in our life. This is also why many people will be in the candy business. It is easy to do, need not the skills. Just need to find a location, and make a good shop decoration.

Only a good interior decoration can leave a good impression on the people. Next, I will introduce a candy store to you, and you can take it as a reference.

candy store design

Style: the main style of the candy store is Europe style and most people like it very much. The main color of the store is white, which presents the clean.

display counter

Display Stand: The middle of the store has a huge display stand that is rounded shape, and customers can choose the candy from different directions. The two ends of the stands have two shelves on which you can put your candy on them. The sides of the display also have the display shelves and one long small stand.

You can see that the display stand is the same as the candy kiosk, you can enter the kiosk, and arrange the employee into the kiosk. And can service people conveniently. There is an ice cream machine on the counter. And also can sell the ice cream at the same time.

candy shop

Wall Display Shelves: there are some shelves on the mall,  and you can see the wall seems like a door shape and also has some colorful spots on the wall. It can make the whole shelves more unique.

Display Counter: The side of the candy shop has a stand which is two floors. And then you can display it on the two shelves. And inside the display counter also can put the candy product

L shape display stand: the back of the wall has the L shape display stand, which can make it more unique and professional.

display fixture

Rounded Shape Stand: The rounded shape of the stand we put it in the corner of the candy store. It can help you save the space, and make it more high-end.

Solid wood: On the surface of these stands, we install the white solid wood, which can make the whole furniture more high-end and especially.

Wall: Use white and light green to make the shop more high-end and fresh style.