Low height furniture is popular in the market now. Even fashion magazines' furniture advertisements mostly promote low tables and soft sofas to reflect their unique personality and fashionable style. Although lot's of low height furniture is stylish and distinctive, the height should be reasonable. Long-term use can easily affect the body's spine, lumbar spine, cervical spine, vision, shoulders, elbows, knees and leg joints, and buried many hidden diseases.


Office Desk Height

The office desk is the table we use the most when we work, and it is also the place that takes up the most time in a day. Typicaly, office used desks are front reception desk and working bench desk. How to know the height of your desk is the most suitable? Here's an easy way to check out: open your hands flat, and the distance between your palm and the ground is the ideal table's height for you.

If the table is too short, the upper body will involuntarily lie on the table, and you have to lowe your head to wor. If you bend over and lower your head for a long time, your spine, waist, and neck will quickly become sore and exhausted. It may even cause spondylosis and lumbar muscles in severe cases, such as strain, cervical spondylosis, and other diseases. Therefore, according to the general desk's ergonomic height, the most suitable height is 750MM, which is the best size for Asians.

Office Chair Height

The height difference of the office desk and chair is between 280mm-300mm, the height under the desk is not less than 580mm, and the width is not less than 520mm. When sitting on a chair with two feet flat, if the thighs are parallel to the ground and the calf can be perpendicular to the ground, the chair height is appropriate. The chair is too close to the ground, the legs are difficult to straighten when sitting on it, the lower limbs are in a bent state, and the leg joints cannot relax.

After a long time, the legs, waist and arms are very easy to fatigue, which may cause some waist diseases and joints. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right height of office furniture. If the company purchases office furniture, it can consider looking for regular manufacturers and companies to buy.