Kong Fook Jewelry, a jewellery brand with the New Oriental aesthetic concept and Fu culture as its core. Kong Fook Jewelry integrates the design concept of Hong Kong decoration culture and Fu culture and carefully builds the brand with novel craftsmanship and excellent service. Fu culture is a traditional Chinese folk culture that has lasted for a long time. It permeates every bit of people's thoughts and lives and reflects the life outlook and values ​​of the entire Chinese nation.

The Kong Fook Jewelry brand integrates the most blessed and the most beautiful, carefully crafting each piece of "Fu" decoration and giving it a unique meaning, entrusting people's beautiful yearning and desire for a happy life, and looking forward to the arrival of blessings.

Here are the luxury Jelwery Store Shop Front Design .

jewelry store design

jewelry store design

Marble Store and luxury jewelry display cases design,the natural stone display cabinets combined with stainless steel to create a modern contemporary retail environment. 

jewelry store design

The transformation of Kong Fook Jewellery

At the beginning of 2014, Kong Fook Jewelry reorganized its positioning, from "Hong Kong decoration classics, fortune inheritance" into a "new generation of Chinese international brand". Kong Fook takes the "new generation of Chinese international brand" as its positioning, integrates oriental culture, And international fashion, strive to show the elegant personality, trendy style, and luxury taste of the new generation of Chinese.

Perfectly interpret the brand cultural elements into jewellery products. It has artistic aesthetics, emotional appeals and other functions to experience the perfection of Hongkong Jewelry Design concept and unique brand style.

A different visual texture should carry the promotion of brand positioning. Ant Smart Manufacturing is fortunate to participate in the transformation of the Kong Fook brand. Throughout the process and has undertaken the creative work of the visual part of the KONG FOOK Jewellery brand upgrade, from the combing and design of the brand logo to the brand space The tailor-made texture, as well as the project implementation of the Shuibei Beili North Road Exhibition Hall;

Ant Display has made every effort to escort the new transformation of the Kong Fook jewellery brand. In the new generation of brand image, based on "Chinese sons and daughters are the descendants of the dragon", boldly refine and blend the form of the dragon to make it a new visual expression element of Kong Fook, which runs through the brand identity and the details of the spatial texture. , Perfectly fits the brand new positioning.

I wish Kong Fook jewellery set sail, sailing through the waves, to an incredible journey! If you are looking for a jewelry store design and need any jewelry shop furniture ,welcome to visit ANT DISPLAY.