Optical Store Fixtures

Optical shops are everywhere. We can see various styles of optical shop designs, and different styles have different effects and characteristics. People are often attracted by beautiful things. A good optical shop design can bring you more new customers. We are a professional glasses shop furniture manufacturer, we can customize and provide various types of glasses display furniture to you.


Layout description

This glasses shop is a mainly modern style, the main colors are white, red and black, etc., which looks very fashionable. The store includes cash counters, display cabinets, wall cabinets, etc. Each display area has different characteristics. On the right side of the store is the main glasses display area. There are two overhead display racks and three display cabinets. The red display stands are more eye-catching. At the bottom is the seating area for people to rest. The four sides of the middle pillar are equipped with tempered glass as the glasses display area, and the logo can be added to the top, which is very beautiful. Adding light strips to the 3 square glass display cabinets inside can highlight the characteristics of the product and increase sales opportunities.

 Optical Store Fixtures

Checkout counter

The cashier counter also serves as a reception desk, responsible for consultation and cashier business. The cash register counter is mainly a combination of black and white, it is curved-shape and looks very unique. On the outside of the cash register is an acrylic logo, which makes the cash register counter look better, and underneath is a stainless steel kick to protect it from friction. On the back of the cash, register counter are 3 glass display stands with logo, people can see the products in the glass display cabinet from the other side. There are multiple storage cabinets in the cash register counter, which is convenient to use at work.


Display wall cabinet

We can see that most of the shops are wall cabinets. It can save the cost of wall decoration. Led light strips are installed in the wall cabinet area, with logos and posters on the top, which can be customized according to customer needs. Below is the storage cabinet, you can put more things. Wall shelves with posters are also installed in the corners, which makes rational use of the space and increases the glasses display area.


Ceiling decoration

Lights of different sizes are installed around the ceiling, which improves the brightness of the shop and beautifies the shop. The white light will make the shop very high-end. There is no excessive decoration on the ceiling of this shop. We can design the ceiling layout according to your requirements and can add some modern elements as an embellishment to make it look more eye-catching.

 Optical Store Fixtures

Detailed material 

The main materials of display furniture are MDF and baking varnish. The texture is hard and the surface is smooth. Other materials are lightbox, stainless steel, LED light strips, acrylic logo, and so on. We use high standard materials and reach the level of mall review, the quality is guaranteed. We are a customized factory, and we can change materials based on your requirements to meet your requirements.

Ant Display Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, China. We produce different types of display furniture and ship it to different countries. Customers are very satisfied with our products and quality. We are professional in manufacturing kiosks. If you have some ideas about your store, please contact us, we will give you more suggestions and create new designs based on your store layout and products!