Under the prevailing situation of electronic devices nowadays, the damage to the eyes has also become very serious. Especially for young people, the damage to the eyes of electronic equipment is very great. This also causes many people to suffer from myopia.

So opening an optical shop is a very good business opportunity, so we need to seize this opportunity. So what should you pay attention to when opening an eye shop?

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First of all, we must do some understanding and investigation of the glasses industry. Only when we have a deep understanding of the knowledge and content of the industry will we know how to operate and how to do our work better. The management of optical shops often comes from the business cases of outstanding people in the same industry. So you can learn more from your predecessors.

Second, Learn some methods and methods to attract customers, and carry out some marketing activities. To operate a newly opened optical shop, you need customers and attention, so that more customers can pick up our brand. Therefore, it is necessary for the operator to master some marketing methods to better open the store.

Third, We need to find the advantages and characteristics of our products and find some publicity themes and marketing activities themes. This will allow your eyeglass shop to get more attention during the opening period, and also to get more customers during the opening period.

Location, when you start to open the eye-wear store, you need to choose the place. A good location will attract more customers and will make the store obtain more profit.

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A Sunglasses Store Design

If you get the location, you need to start to decorate the store to make the store more unique and professional.

The main color of this design is white, wood grain color and green. The style of this color is very comfortable and will make people very relaxing.

For the decoration of an optical shop, we need to pay attention to many places, such as ceilings, walls, lighting, furniture, and the location of the furniture are all very important. Only a good pattern can have a good style.

Light: we will install the spotlight on the ceiling, and there are many strips on the display stands to make the whole style more unique and professional.

Wall: the wall is mint green and there are many sunglasses on the wall to decorate the wall.

glassles store design

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Shop Display Fixture

There are all kinds of display fixtures in the store, we will know that the different display counters can make the different effects to display the stand.

Display stand, the display stand includes the display area and the storage. The top half part is the display area and the bottom of the display stand is the storage cabinet. There are 12 drawers to store the goods.

Display Counter, The surrounding displays are wood-grain color display and white.

Display Cabinet, there are many white display cabinets that have a glass cover to display the glasses.

Cashier desk, Every shop has a cash register. A good cash register can represent the entire store. The structure and color of the cash register are customized.

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Ant Display

Ant display has a professional design team and can design the store for you. You can tell us all of your needs, and then we can display all of your needs on the 3d design. We also can help you produce the shop fixture, and shipped your country.