Pink Color Perfume Small Shop Interior Design Simple Perfume Display Furniture

Perfume is a kind of popular product for all of the person, customers love its charming fragrance.  Common perfume retail stores are very high-end luxury so the customer audience is relatively small. If you want to do a relatively popular perfume brand, then your store design should not be too luxurious so that customers are afraid to enter the store idea; can not be too simple and monotonous, will have a certain impact on your brand, and we recently designed this wood and stainless steel display furniture is just right,  hope can be a good reference for you.

Pink Color Perfume Small ShopThis is not a big shop. The main highlight is that we combine lounge elements to make the store not only look like a store for retail products, but also like an experience store where customers can enjoy shopping and have a rest and talk together. There are also sofas, tables and chairs in the store so that customers can slowly choose the right perfume or chat with each other about their favorite fragrances.

Pink Color Perfume Small ShopIn order to make your shop look very attractive, we specially designed three display stands like a swing to display in the glass window to arouse the curiosity of passing customers. Can play a display role, but also as a whole as decoration. The three swing display stands are divided into two layers and hung near the window. The overall color is consistent with the color of various display furniture and walls in the store. You may worry that the color of the stainless steel can not do this pink effect, in fact, we can help you complete it.

Pink Color Perfume Small ShopAfter entering the right side of the door, some display shelves and large wall cabinets are placed against the wall. These display shelves can not only hold your perfume products but also display other gifts, which means that the same display shelf has a lot of functional functions. The upper part is the same as the swing, which is made of stainless steel, and the lower part is the round table with different levels. The surface looks like the grain of natural marble, which is very nice together.

Pink Color Perfume Small ShopIn the middle of the store, a high counter is designed to effectively separate the internal space, which can not only better display products but also save space inside the store. It acts as a screen. This counter is The same style. The body of the cabinet is pink in color and carved a pattern at the bottom. The body of the cabinet is a pink color and the carved pattern in the bottom one. On the table is a glass window with a multi-layer panel structure. The bottom of each panel is equipped with an LED light belt, which sets off the decorative light belt in other parts of the store to enhance the lighting and display effect.