Mother And Kids Store Interior Design Custom Retail Display Fixture Infant Products

Kids are the hope of the whole family, parents are willing to spend much on the best and most expensive products for them than themselves. Especially for clothing or other maternal and infant products. And speaking to maternal and infant products, this store where sell those will also be the one you often go to later. You will shop in there for baby carriages, kids' clothes, toys, beds and any others related to children.

Mother And Kids Store Therefore, the design and layout of this type of retail maternal and baby stores are very important. It is necessary to rationally arrange every space to display and place different products to meet the basic needs of customers. It is also necessary to make full use of the space and conform to the interior decoration of the mother and kids' store, which can effectively attract customers to your store. But where do need you to start it?

Mother And Kids Store Follow us, and let’s see! A real shop design and introduction can give you some ideas.

Display Furniture Ideas

First of all, we need to know that maternal and child stores are very different from other stores. They are similar to grocery stores, which not only sell maternal and child clothes, but also other baby-related products. The product types are very diversified, which requires enough display furniture for display, and at the same time, customers can clearly know the products in each area through the layout of the store. They can find the commodities they want immediately. That is why there is various much more display furniture in this shop.

Mother And Kids Store Mainly using some wall showcases, double-sided display racks and floor platform displays. Regarding the wall showcases, we designed many types in this 3D design. There are holes in the backboards and displaying used hooks type. Adjustable shelves with hanging rods, so you can adjust the shelves' height according to the size of the display product, or hang the display clothes directly with the hanger. For each wall showcase, we designed the stainless steel AA column in the back frame, this is what we used in other double-sided display racks.

Mother And Kids Store Wall showcases are placed against the wall. So in the middle of the store are racks and floor platform displays. Because the stores sell products other than clothing, such as strollers, floor platform displays play a big role. We put them on the above directly, without any barriers, so that customers have close contact trial, conducive to the sales of products. In addition, double-sided display racks have a similar structure to the wall showcases. Just main materials are a little different in some styles. Mostly they will be made of plywood with fireproof materials, some use a metal that can be harder and more durable.

Mother And Kids Store Decorative Ideas

Due to the shop being for mothers and infants, we don’t need to do many colorful fashion decorations. It only needs to meet the theme of your store and look warm and comfortable. Just like shown in our design, designed some children's corners area to let kids like your place first. Fill your store with children’s elements, such as a combination with display fixture design, or use lovely wallpaper.

Mother And Kids Store Lamps Effect

One more thing, There is also a major factor affecting your shop display decoration effect is the lamps. The effective use of lamps is not only to provide illumination but also to guide and promote the role. In this retail store, we only use track lights. There are a lot of tracks on the ceiling, and the angle and distance of these lights can be adjusted at will. And chose the warm yellow light source, which is also the key to making the shop look warm.