Large Scale Cosmetics Grocery Store Beauty Product Retail Shop Shelf Display Furniture

Beauty makeup is a very hot product nowadays, the customers have changed from the original stars to a wide range of people, from the relatively narrow scope of use also expanded to people's lives, and has become a manifestation of daily etiquette. Although all kinds of big-name cosmetics firmly occupy the majority of the market, the main consumer groups are also slowly changing their consumption habits, and no longer like to go to the brand counters. I prefer some large retail stores covering multiple beauty products and brands. I can choose all kinds of products I need in one visit and compare several stores at the same time. For this kind of large retail store, how to effectively layout the interior space, and how to choose the display furniture that can not only fit the product display but also matches the use of the brand is very critical.

 Cosmetics Grocery StoreNext, we will introduce you to actual design cases. If you are very concerned about the above questions, please read on!

Cosmetic Retail Store Interior Layout

In fact, not only for beauty retail stores, the layout of any store is very important. It will not only affect the display effect but also affect the shopping experience of customers. It is necessary to pay great attention to the flow order layout of the store so that customers can quickly find the desired products, but also improve the hierarchical sense of the store decoration.

 Cosmetics Grocery StoreThis cosmetic retail shop we designed, for example, has taken some ideas from supermarket design. When customers walk into the store, they can clearly understand the entrance and exit of the store and quickly find the direction. It is obvious that the cashier area is on the left and the entrance to the store is on the right. In addition, we also made use of the large space at the entrance to designing an exclusive brand image wall. By using the collocation of doll models and color lights, we painted the whole wall orange and installed a big logo, so that customers can leave an impression on your store and brand at the very beginning.

 Cosmetics Grocery StoreMakeup Display Furniture

Enter the commodity display area of the store, you will find that there are many types of display furniture used in it. Large wall cabinet against the wall, middle to counter in the aisle, vertical multi-layer standing rack, metal double-sided display rack, display table for customers to try products and an embedded wall displaying. To make perfect use of every space and reasonable display goods.

 Cosmetics Grocery StoreSo many types of display furniture are used, and each type of furniture display form is different. The wall cabinets against the wall are designed in a wide variety of styles, some are metal framed wall cabinets with bottom drawer styles, while others are wood wall cabinets with the bottom designed as storage cabinets. There is no vacancy on the top of all the wall cabinets. We have made light boxes on the top of each wall cabinet so that you can display different brands of products at the same time and customers can find them quickly. The collocation of the light box also makes the wall cabinet look more high-end.

 Cosmetics Grocery StoreMiddle island counter, vertical multi-story standing rack and metal double-sided display rack are all double-sided display styles, increasing the display space, while the double-sided display also has a symmetrical aesthetic feeling. For furniture with a shelf display, we have added LED light strips at the bottom of the laminate to enhance the level of product display. In addition, in order to conform to the decoration of the store with industrial style, the double-sided display shelf with metal grille net was specially designed, and the hook display was matched to greatly increase the display space.

 Cosmetics Grocery StoreColor Combination

In the design of a retail store, in addition to the consideration of displaying furniture, the selection and collocation of various colors in the store are also particularly important, which will imperceptibly give people a feeling. Bright and bright colors can make customers feel that your products are mainly for young people, natural and comfortable colors will improve the value of the product, and let people feel that the ingredients of the product are high-end safety. As you can see, the display furniture color of our retail store is very uniform. Black is also the main color used in the industrial wind, which is advanced and elegant, while the wood color reflects the concept of being close to nature, environmental protection, and safety, which is also the reason why there are green plants in the shop.

 Cosmetics Grocery StoreDecorations

The decor is always mentioned in the design of a perfect retail store, and its role is self-evident. In this shop, we did not use very prominent decorations but carried out simple decorations around the design direction and elements. First, of course, are the dark metal grilles that loom over the ceiling and walls, as well as the various chandeliers, track lights and mirrors at the top of the ceiling. Finally, large lightboxes can be seen everywhere to promote brand products and decorate the store as lights.

 Cosmetics Grocery Store