restaurant design

Fried chicken burgers are very popular in any country. The store is basically full on weekends, so if we want to do this kind of business especially when international brands, we need to rent a larger store to accommodate more customers. The layout of the store is also very important. We need to combine our sales methods to arrange suitable furniture such as tables, chairs and cash register. Today, due to covid-19, many countries have also released some information. We are doing restaurants and we must pay attention to the isolation between customers and customers.

For a large store, design is very important. We can arrange layout and table and chair styles through design, and we can also clearly see its effect. This shop has almost two thousand square feet, and it is divided into three areas, fried chicken shop, kitchen, and convenience store. Today we are mainly talking about the design of the fried chicken shop.

Store Floor Plan

When we rent a store, we first look at some overall environment and floor plans. If the inside is not empty and we want to make the shop bigger, we can remove some unnecessary walls. Make the space inside a little bigger. The pillars, doors, and windows in the store will be shown on the floor plan. We can combine the customer’s requirements and the store floor to arrange all the furniture, placement, and decoration.

From the floor plan, we can also see the entrance and the doorway leading to the kitchen, which plays an important role in determining the location of the furniture. 

shop floor plan

Store Layout

The layout is mainly about designing the furniture and decorations in the store and arranging their locations. Before designing, we must first consider the things in the store and so on.

According to customer requirements, it has four brands. The ticket windows of the four brands are separated. Each brand can lead to the internal kitchen separately. Therefore, we can design a wall between the seating area and the kitchen. At the cash register counter, each area is separated by a panel.

Directly opposite the cashier counter is an entire dining area. For fried chicken shops, we'd better design regular tables and chairs, they are not suitable for being too gorgeous. Ordinary wooden tables and chairs will do. The tables and chairs on the left and right sides against the wall can use some other types, such as sofa chairs or bar chairs and high tables.

Decorations are usually posters or our hot-selling products on the walls or pillars.

fried chicken shop

Furniture Purchase

After determining the location of the furniture, the purchase of furniture is also a difficult problem. We need to buy suitable furniture according to the size of our store. This is the role of design. The furniture in many large stores is custom-made furniture, they are tailor-made according to the size of our store. What we need to make sure of is the sale of counters, tables, sofa chairs, and bar stools against the wall. We can see their styles from the design drawings.

Sales Counter

The counter of this shop is integrated, but it is divided into four parts. Each part is separated by partitions. We can paste the logo of each brand on the outside of the counter so that customers can know which window to buy. The sales counter is mainly made of wood. We used solid wood strips as decoration. The wood color gives people the feeling of healthier and more environmentally friendly. The logo uses a 3D luminous logo. The countertop is made of stone, which is not only durable but also easy to clean. Many food store bar counter and food kiosks use the store as a countertop.

Table & Chair

The furniture in restaurants generally uses wooden tabletops and metal bases. Their surface will be gentler. There are many styles and colors of chairs, which depends on the individual. It is best to use a chair with a backrest, which will be safer.

The sofa and chair are near the wall. Many stores generally have more than one type of table and chair. They will choose to place unused furniture according to the location of the store. For many customers, the sofa chair is their best choice.

High tables and chairs are generally leaning against the wall. They are suitable for personal use, Some people who like to be quiet prefer to sit facing the wall. This kind of seat also has a relatively small footprint. It allows us to use more space. The style should be the same wood color as other tables.

bar stool

Light box & Poster

The lightbox is actually a luminous picture. Above the sales window, we need to put the pictures and menus of our products on it. So that customers can be better choose meals. The pictures drawn by the lightbox can be replaced, and we can put pictures of our new products or hot-selling packages.

The poster is posted on walls, doorways, or pillars. Its content is similar to the content of the lightbox drawings.

In addition to these, we also need trash cans and fireboxes, etc.

display furniture

Ant Display

After reading all the design drawings, you can understand a lot of details. It can help us to better buy furniture that suits us. We are a furniture customization company, and our professional team can help us build the store 3D designs. Since these are customized products, our factory will develop construction drawings based on the design drawings and start production. We will confirm the color and the content of the lightbox and poster with the customer. After the production is completed, we will take pictures and videos. Before receiving the goods, you can see their effects and quality.