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Menu Board

Do you choose a special menu board design for your shop? Almost every retail store has a menu board, especially in food stores, beauty salons, entertainment places, etc. whether installed at the entrance or behind the service desk, it can help businesses to promote their products in a prominent position. Because they provide customers with the information they want to know, such as food and drink lists, special offers, services, and upcoming events. You can change different menu contents to make customers feel fresh. For example, in the restaurant, you can tell customers the new dishes and hot dishes through the menu board. The menu board can attract customers and determine the products to buy. Unique menu boards can arouse interest, such as traditional or digital menu boards, floor graphics, banners, and posters. They were able to retain product information and prices and promote sales. For a retail store, the menu board is very important, and customers can accurately find the items they need. The quality of the menu board, digital menu board, drive, and other point-of-purchase displays in the store can affect sales, profitability, and brand image. At Ant Display, we will work with you to quickly, efficiently, and easily tailor unique restaurant signs and displays that suit corporate aesthetics!
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Although you can customize the written information on the menu board, we provide our menu board and outdoor menu board to meet different demands. Menu board with the parent lens can protect them from bad weather and reduce the glare of natural light.backlit menu board

Indoor Digital Menu board

The indoor digital menu board from Ant Display is the most flexible option for your interior setup. Businesses can use as many screens as they would like, place them in any particular orientation, and change the ent at any time. Digital Displays do a great job of capturing the audience's attention through vibrant colors and motion.

Illuminated Menu Board

Each illuminated menu board manufactured at Ant Display is designed custom-made to meet the omer’s idea. When using bright LED lighting, you do not have to worry about dim vision or uneven lighting. The illuminated menu board can be installed on the wall, tilted, or perfectly curved. It can change your menu board from normal to dynamic and become more attractive! Ant Display provides the most attractive menu board for you.

Magnetic menu board

The magnetic menu board can be highly customized according to your business layout. It can be installed flat on the wall, people can find when enter your shop. You can use the two-pole installation system to tilt the installation menu board to give him a unique visual effect. Or it can be hung on a wall or ceiling to provide a unique look. Whenever you are looking for a magnetic menu board, you can find a good solution in Ant Display.

Mixed menu board

When you use any lighting or non-lighting in combination with a digital device, you can get the best of both worlds at the same time, resulting in a truly unique look. The menu board has many different styles to suit the needs of different customers. Our menu boards have writing surfaces, such as blackboards and marker boards, designed for liquid chalk utensils and wet wipe marks, as well as traditional chalk. Their simple write / erase design makes it easy to change messages so that you can tell customers new information at any time. You can also use different fonts and pictures to make your menu unique. And it's good for places where signs are often changed. Wipe the information with a damp cloth for quick reuse. The wooden frame of the menu board makes them very suitable for various places of catering and service.

Menu boards can be placed in many ways to meet the needs of any enterprise. The floor frame is very suitable for double-sided design to maximize space. The wall-mounted device is good for attracting customers' attention; when placed at the same height as the eyes, it is difficult to miss.

Custom Illuminated Menu Board For Sale

A-frame menu board is a good option to use outdoors, which has a two-sided design pointing to the eye level. The menu board includes three different materials: metal, wood, and plastic. Restaurant owners can use A-frame signs indoors and outdoors to display food and drink lists and specials. Attract customers by putting one of these high visibility frameworks at the front. During the waiting period, diners can carefully read the displayed specials.

This double-sided A-shaped menu board is made of the -quality matte iron panel, you can write with chalk at will, and add frame material and seat belt buckle design, so in wind and rain, the A-frame menu can standstill. Applicable to all kinds of restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, and other enterprises. When not in use, the A-frame can be easily folded and stored. All these models have a marker board or blackboard and have different shapes and sizes. You can choose the menu board suitable for your shop at Ant Display.