If you want to open a food truck or food stand, you will have to ask yourself the choice of suppliers, both in terms of food products and the purchase of the trucks, trailers, kiosk stands and equipment.

To help you in this reflection, we review here the main options available to you regarding the choice of suppliers for food truck equipment and outdoor food kiosks. And give you some indications concerning the price to help you quantify the amount needed to start your food truck.

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Buying your food truck

First step but not the least: the purchase of your food truck and trailers. Several options are available to you, and choosing among them is not so easy. We, therefore, try to shed light on 3 possibilities to consider.

The purchase of a new or custom-made food truck

First option: the purchase of a new or custom-made food trailer.

This option is, not surprisingly, the most expensive. The price range is extensive and will depend on your needs, count between 20,000 and 100,000 usd approximately. However, the advantages are numerous.

The purchase of a food truck - equipment included - new or custom allows you to adapt it to your project.

From design to kitchen appliances, everything is optimized to match your concept perfectly.

The volumes and spaces correspond perfectly to what you need to meet the demand.

What is more, investing in a new vehicle guarantees respecting the latest safety standards and making some savings in the long term. Today, there are quite a number of companies offering this type of vehicle, and the offers are therefore starting to be competitive.

Fit a traditional truck

An alternative is to fit out a "standard" truck. Here the investment is undoubtedly less critical than purchasing a new food truck or made to measure.

This option is also advantageous since once the truck has been chosen, you will be free to arrange it as you see fit, having as a constraint only the volumes offered by the vehicle.

However, this option is more suitable for manual labour experts who can arrange the truck independently.

Indeed, if you have to call on professionals, the mobilized budget risks quickly joining that necessary to purchase a new truck.

If you choose to bring in professionals, be sure to request quotes from multiple companies, as prices can vary from one to two.

Buy a used food truck.

Here is the most economical option. While browsing the various advertisements scattered on the web, we note that this idea is, above all, a theory!

If we find trucks from 3,000 usd (unbeatable price), we see others whose prices peak at 80,000 usd. It all depends on your needs and especially on the work you will be able to carry out subsequently.

However, you have a possibility: orient yourself towards the American market. The food trucks being much more numerous, the prices of these are lower. You will also benefit from a wide choice of vehicles. However, be careful to select a reliable seller and inquire about the possibilities and shipping rates.

Finally, be aware that it is also possible to rent your food truck. Count around 100 usd per day, insurance and maintenance included.

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Food truck equipment: select the equipment necessary for the operation of your vehicle

Thinking about the equipment that will furnish your food truck is a step that must be considered simultaneously with the purchase of the vehicle.

Indeed, the layout helps define the type of truck you need (and vice versa).

The list is endless as each type of kitchen requires specific appliances. That said, we try here to provide you with an almost exhaustive list of what you will need.

The prices we give you are for new, professional and high-quality devices.

Food Kiosk kitchen equipment

  • Electrical and gas installations: this question only concerns you if you choose to fit a traditional truck. You can power your food truck with a generator (which must represent twice the power of all your electrical devices). It is also possible to choose a gas supply, often preferred by cooks.
  • Desserts and worktops: the worktop is one of the food truck equipment essential for the smooth running of your activity. These pieces of furniture are often equipped with refrigerated compartments or even with ingredient bins to optimise space. There are specific pieces of furniture for each type of kitchen (pastry tower, back bar). As for the prices, they are incredibly variable. Count 150 usd for a small stainless steel worktable, 4000 usd for a large worktop with refrigerated compartments and up to 9000 usd for a complete cooking station.
  • Shelves/storage: here, count 50 usd for a standard stainless steel shelf.
  • Refrigeration devices: although often integrated into the worktop, it is also possible to choose a simple cutting table (from 150 usd for the small model) and install refrigerated cells separately. You may also need:
    • A drinks cabinet (between 200 and 2,500 usd)
    • From a wine cellar (between 180 and 2,000 usd)
    • A chest freezer (between 400 and 2,500 usd)
    • An ice cream display case (between 1,500 and 3,000 usd)
    • A specific refrigerated display case (between 300 and 3,000 usd). Note that there are tapas, sushi, presentation, dessert, etc.
  • Hood: count between 500 and 1,500 usd, accessories included
  • Sanitary spaces: these spaces are often integrated into the work plan.
  • Bar equipment: these are small pieces of equipment with an extensive price range. These devices are not essential, and their purchase depends on the type of activity you have chosen
    • Dishwasher (count a minimum of 900 usd for a professional model)
    • Ice maker (from 150 usd)
    • Coffee machine (from 100 usd for small percolators)
    • Popcorn / cotton candy / churros machine (respectively around 300, 250 and 400 usd)

Cooking equipment

In terms of outdoor food kiosk & trailers equipment for cooking, there is a question of a suitable hundred devices. If we cannot discuss them all, we will list the essentials and their respective average costs.

  • Professional stove: for an electric stove, count a minimum of 350 usd and 500 usd for a gas appliance. On the other hand, count between 1,000 and 4,000 usd for a furnace. There are also wok stoves (between 1,000 and 8,000 usd)
  • Oven / wood-fired oven
  • Charcoal oven (between 3,000 and 12,000 usd)
  • Steam oven (between 700 and 7,000 usd)
  • Convection oven (between 400 and up to 20,000 usd)
  • Electric Pizza Oven (200 to 10,000 usd)
  • Gas pizza oven (1,500 to 4,000 usd)
  • Conveyor pizza oven (between 1,000 and 10,000 usd)
  • Small appliance
  • Fryer (count 75 usd for a single appliance and 200 usd for a double pan fryer).
  • Bain-marie (around 100 usd)
  • Snack plate (from 250 usd)
  • Pasta cooker (between 250 and 3,000 usd)
  • Crepe maker/waffle iron (around 200 usd each)

Kitchen accessories

  • Dishes
  • Cutlery
  • Storage
  • Service
  • Ham slicer
  • Laundry
  • Bar Counters

Promotional equipment

This equipment is about all the elements useful for the promotion and visibility of your food truck.

First, let's talk about your menu, often presented in the form of a flyer—an essential article since it is the first glimpse of what you offer to your customers. Showcase your kitchen, your know-how, and your food truck concept; it must be carried out with care.

The choice is yours: you can create your flyers yourself and then have them printed by a professional, or you can let the latter take care of the entire design process.

Many companies, especially online, are offering to do it for you. Be careful, the prices of this type of service are as varied as your ideas are undoubted!

The more flyers you order, the better the prices. Count for example 475 usd for 5,000 pilots (creation of the design, printing, delivery) for a service provider who makes your menu from A to Z. The price is indicative since it depends on the number of folds, the paper used, the format and also finishes.

At the same time, some companies also offer to create a promotional web interface for you for an average price of around 150 usd. Attractive offer if your computer skills are lacking. Especially since today, a website is an almost essential tool.

Finally, it can be helpful to invest in elements of wall decoration (personalized stickers, for example). The prices of this type of service are difficult to assess as they are variable (from a hundred usd to several thousand).

The products worked onboard your food truck: quality above all!

The food truck, a concept of American origin, has proven its worth, and today, it is getting a makeover.

Obviously, the choice of the concept is yours, and you are free to propose an "industrial" kitchen toto reduce your costs and offer a meal at an unbeatable price. But today, the quality of the products is an undeniable commercial advantage. We could not give you the keys to guaranteed success, but we can give you some recipes that often pay off.

More and more, food trucks promote the image of high-end cuisine. Whatever your concept (pizzeria, hamburger, ice cream, etc.), the quality of your products, and therefore the reliability of your suppliers is essential. For example, it is interesting to bet on local cuisine, your suppliers' proximity (short paths and local products) or green products.

Choosing the right food suppliers

Once your cooking concept has been defined, and your menu developed, the choice of suppliers remains. Several alternatives are possible: get supplies from wholesalers, local producers (and other retailers), or surrounding markets. The following elements should therefore guide your choice:

  • The quality of the products you want to sell
  • The quantities you need
  • The proposed payment terms
  • The delivery time

After you have assessed your needs against the above criteria, you should know which type of supplier will best suit your business. Obviously, each of the options listed here has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Buying from wholesalers is undoubtedly the cheapest option, their delivery facilities are also likely to appeal to you.

Regarding the choice of local producers, you will probably have to move around, but the quality of the products will only be better.

The key is choosing your suppliers because their offer corresponds to your needs and is articulated with your concept.

One of the legitimate questions to ask yourself is how many vendors it is ideal to use.

Again there are no rules, and again it will depend on your needs. While it can be financially advantageous to buy from only one company, it can be challenging to choose organic cuisine, for example.

Indeed, you will undoubtedly need to call on a market gardener, a cattle breeder, a milk producer, etc. The important thing is to budget your needs beforehand, to calculate the cost price of each dish offered on the menu or even the gross margin that will be yours.

Again, it is always best to contact a large number of suppliers directly to compare the offers and make your choice. To do this, do not hesitate to get closer to other food truck owners, to survey the local markets or to telephone the most famous wholesalers .

That's it for this time, and we hope this article has given you some valuable tips for choosing the right equipment for your food truck.