Many people don't know how European style should be designed. The European classical style is used rarely in normal house design, Most of them are used in the villa design. European classical home style has now developed into two major mainstream Which is European classical and European rural. The same concept with the European classical style is to use European classical wallpaper, medieval century space pattern, or hanging pictures to create. Sometimes these patterns can also be used to display furniture, home decoration, and curtains.

Focus On Corner Space

Many people believe that European classical will give people a very complex illusion, in fact, it is not. Because in wallpaper, fireplace, and furniture itself, there is already very rich carving collocation. Interior decoration design is not similar to build a mall retail kiosks. We should focus on every smaller line, features to create an aesthetic design.

The main color system of European classical is blue gold and red gold. The combination of corners is most often used to present a calm and elegant European classic, including paintings and picture frames, wire boards, wallpaper, fireplaces, and furniture. In addition, the light also plays a very important role. Compared with the European style countryside, European classical lighting is darker.

european style design

Use Proper Potted Flowers and Floral System

The decoration of potted flowers is indispensable in European classicism. Because the pattern of the flower itself is very detailed, can embellish the whole space of European classical. Placed on the dining table, bedside table, sofa side table, coffee table or afternoon tea table are very suitable. At present, artificial flowers have been imitated to be more real than the real flowers, and because of the same flower system, it is very convenient to match.

Choose Stylish Windows and Curtains

The length and hanging method of the curtain itself will also affect the combination of accessories. Generally, the long curtain is better than the short curtain in modeling. There are more curtain components on both sides than on one side. The basic structure of the European classical curtain, which is double-layer and spread to both sides, is the gauze filter curtain (mostly white) + curtain. In addition, there are different accessories, such as curtain lace, decorative curtain, hand strap, curtain hook, tassel, etc.

In terms of color matching, it is better to have no more than two color systems, that is, one color system for curtain cloth, and another color system for Tassels and accessories.

Bedroom Arrangement

The bedroom is a place to show the more comfortable side of the classically European style. In particular, the arrangement of bedside and bedside table area 1 space can show classical delicacy and warmth. Bedside space layout of the basic composition of the object, a part is nothing more than bedside cabinets, table lamps, or potted flowers, hanging pictures. And the head of the bed itself may have headboard treatment, carved bed frame decoration, lace embellishment, and so on.

In addition to pillows, the number of pillows can be set between 3 and 6, and the number depends on the size of the bed. Because of the complicated style of the lamp, there is limited space on the top of the cabinet

Accessories For Dining Space

White and silver are the main colors of European tableware. Plate, cup, and plate group choose white as the main right, you can also add a silver frame or gold line on the edge. In addition, napkins and table mats must be the same series or at least the same color. Small napkin rings can be more eye-catching material, such as white beads, silver, copper as the material, the surface Carver requirements delicate. The napkin cloth and table mat should have texture. For formal occasions, the two layers of cloth with a common weaving method should be used.

More and more developers pay attention to the development of small houses, and more and more owners are also full of great enthusiasm for small houses. Due to the small size of houses, we must pay attention to light decoration, heavy decoration, and use the most refined furniture to create the most exquisite small space. The layout of small space should be based on people, supplemented by storage, and create the highest sense of space with an "ultra-low ceiling".

Small space should be moved

The smaller the unit type, the more emphasis on the dynamic and smooth space, otherwise it will be monotonous. On the one hand, "moving" is to create a sense of hierarchy, which can be made with colors, such as making articles on the color of the wall, matching depth with light, the contrast between light and dark, and the echo of gradual colors and similar colors. This can give people a sense of visual difference. In addition, you can also try to do a partial ceiling, which can not only hide the circuit but also create different levels of vision, so that space is higher; on the other hand, space should have a sense of flexibility. Glass is one of the "magic weapons". Clever use of glass can not only make up for the lack of lighting but also make the space rich in change. Similarly, the use of gauze curtains, blinds, and other soft partitions will also make the cabin full of aura.

Follow the principle of "light decoration"

In a small space to do too much modeling, will make space appears more cramped, so that space tight up. And if the "bold" to change the layout of the room, decoration costs will also rise. So that the cost of decoration greatly exceeds the cost of the heart. It is better to "light decoration". The so-called "light decoration" refers to: under the limited budget, the practical function of home space and furniture configuration is the primary focus of decoration, small space reduces fixed and heavy decoration, space is moved out, talent can live freely. Many places like toronto condos by default are heavily emphasised on european style standards.

Simplify The  Design

For most of the Small house decoration and interior design, We not only need to consider the function, style but also need to focus on the local and overall relationship. European style design does not mean to simplify the feature, On the contrary, When we start decorating, we should know that "group zero is the whole", and create a simple and unified sense of wholeness, so as to effectively expand the living room area.

Focus on Multi-Functional Design

Designers suggest that consumers may as well do some multi-functional design according to local conditions. For example, the porch can be combined with the specific position of the home to a porch and shoe cabinet "two in one", which is practical and saves space. This design can also be used in the cabinet body where the mirror is placed. Space is used properly, and the combination of dressing mirrors and storage is realized. If the small room is full of cabinets, it also reduces the living space. Instead, it's better to use the decoration money to buy some better furniture.