X is used as a display rack advertising propaganda of the back of an X-shaped bracket Exhibition supplies. X display rack - terminal promotional tool for vivid, display rack, also known as product display rack, promotional rack, portable exhibition and information racks. X exhibition is based on the characteristics of the product, designed to match the product promotion exhibition stands, coupled with creative LOGO signs, eye-catching display of the product before the public today, thereby increasing the product of propaganda advertising effect.

What is X Display Racks?

Early use of X display rack popular in Europe, prominent display of exquisite design and product display stand has been very common in foreign countries, widely used in food and beverage, cosmetics, home electricity, home, building materials, wine, and other industries. Many packaging companies in Europe and the United States also believe that the production of display racks (display racks, display racks) can improve the technical level of the company and the sales ability of the company.

In Europe, display shelf (display rack, display stand) is a very high value-added product, users and manufacturers use the providers are very much. 

There are more and more styles and materials of X display racks, and the prices are also different. Customers can choose styles and materials according to their needs.
Some brand customers have already used display racks (display racks, display racks) as regular promotional items in the system. Whether it’s new product launches or holiday promotions, they have achieved good results. They have improved the brand image in stores, created a festive atmosphere, and improved Sales are very helpful.

Exhibition banner stands

ClassifiCation of X Display Racks

According to the price range.

it can be divided into economical X display rack and enhanced X display rack
Economical X display rack, screen printing method, integral components, no need to assemble, with the adjustable angle bracket, flexible and changeable. Small size and diverse styles.

Strengthen the X display rack, the picture is covered with a matt or high-gloss film on the surface of photo inkjet paper, no complicated assembly process is required, just snap the picture and the hanging point of the display rack.

According to appearance

Water injection X rack, economical X display rack, retractable X display rack, all-aluminum alloy retractable X display rack, etc.
Similar display rack series: floor-standing display rack, hanging display rack, special-shaped display rack, aluminum Korean X display rack, new Korean X display rack, luxury water injection X rack, etc.

Related promotional portable exhibitions of the same kind include poster racks/promotional tables/pull-net display racks/display racks/X-shaped display racks, L-shaped display racks, Y-shaped display racks, roll-up banners, information racks, hanging picture racks, promotional tables, exhibition equipment, etc. . Container racks, standard showcases, all kinds of showcases, other POP displays at the point of sale, etc.

According to the material

it can be divided into Environmental protection new bamboo X display rack, Ordinary plastic X display rack, Ordinary iron X display rack, Ordinary aluminum alloy X display rack. Among them, the most popular in the advertising equipment industry is this new environmentally friendly material bamboo X display rack. Bamboo X display rack combines bamboo's natural strong toughness, good elasticity, and is not easy to be broken. At the same time, the bamboo X display rack is easy to be disassembled and replaced. Poster picture with metal buttonholes.


Concise design, convenient transportation, easy storage, simple installation, economical and practical, light and fast advertising materials, weight less than 1.5KG, a complete X display rack can be installed in less than one minute, very convenient X display rack is a metal circle Core, aluminum alloy connecting U-shaped feet, the size of the x frame is 60X160cm/80X180cm, 22CC PVC mounted, high frequency welded tube aluminum alloy disc electroplating sleeve, black non-woven packaging bag, weight: about 0.5kg, light and fast The advertising materials are light in weight, and it takes less than a minute to install a complete X display stand, which is very convenient. The X display rack has the same purpose as the roll-up banner. It is a kind of advertising material for public places, event gatherings, or business shops. It is also a display of material for wedding celebrations. Economical X display rack, screen printing method, integral components, no need to assemble, with the adjustable angle bracket, flexible, small size, and diverse styles.

The X display rack is convenient to put away and carry and can support a larger area of ​​the spray painting surface. The X display rack is more cost-effective, and her advertising effect is comparable to that of roll-up banners.


X display racks have been widely used in exhibition activities in large stores, shopping malls kiosks, supermarkets, exhibitions, advertising, companies, job fairs, and other places. Used in exhibition advertising, touring display, commercial promotion, conference presentation.


Desktop size: A3, A4 20*42 cm
Regular size: 60X160, 80X180cm