The replacement of mobile phones is now very fast, so the decoration of mobile phone stores must adapt to this form. Due to the rise of mobile phones, the number of mobile phone stores is very large. Most of them are small mobile phone shops, and there are also some special mobile phone shops. So how can we stand out among so many shops?

Good shop design is king at this time because many people like to look at the overall layout of the shop when they buy things. And whether the shop looks clean and tidy will attract customers even more. So we need to have a good design before opening a store, and only a good design will have good decoration.

Precautions for decoration of mobile phone shop:

phone store design

  1. Fashion themes attract customers:

The speed of mobile phones is getting faster and faster with the rapid development of technology. All electronic products must be at the forefront of the times and lead people's lives. Therefore, the mobile phone store must have a very fashionable theme. But remember one thing, we must not blindly follow other people's designs. It must have its own unique innovation, combined with the main product, and add fashion elements to the decoration of the mobile phone shop. Only in this way can we attract more customers.

  1. Simple style to keep customers:

The store is designed to highlight the products, thereby increasing the sales of the mobile phone store. If the decoration of the mobile phone shop is too complicated, it will cover up the brilliance of the mobile phone. Furthermore, the pace of modern fast life is not suitable for overly complex decoration, and people like the simple but not simple style. Because this simple style will make people look comfortable, and the efficiency of shopping will be greatly improved. Therefore, the decoration of mobile phone stores must conform to consumers' consumption habits in order to retain customers.

  1. Combination of interior and exterior:

It is easy for many shops to overlook the exterior decoration of the shops. In fact, the decoration of mobile phone shops requires a combination of indoor decoration and outdoor decoration. Including sign design, entrance design, window design, etc., the color, lighting, background, etc. must be unified with the interior decoration style. It does not give people a sense of confusion, enhances the value of the store, and makes the mobile phone store look more structured.

Introduce the New Phone Shop Design to You

The main color of the shop is red and white. Red is dominant, and white is supplemented. There are two counters in the middle of the shop, which mainly display popular and popular mobile phones. As long as the customer experience is convenient, customers can know whether they like this style. There are also two mobile phones displayed at the cash register, which is equivalent to a kind of promotion. Customers can also take a look while they are waiting for payment. But it is better to show mobile phone accessories here. On both sides of the wall are a variety of wall cabinets, which can display mobile phones, iPods, and mobile phone accessories. Wall display showcase can save a lot of space in the shop and make the whole shop look more spacious.

We installed LOGO behind the cashier counter. There is also the door where we need to put a display showcase to display mobile phones and mobile phone accessories. Because customers can see the logo of the shop outside. If they enter the door, they can directly watch mobile phone accessories.

All of the shop decoration based on the shop design. Ant Display has a professional design team. We can help you design a new shop design based on your requirements and the shop size. We also can help you produce the shop furniture based on the design without mistakes.