The role of the ceiling in the interior decoration of the store cannot be ignored. It can not only cover some unsightly parts at the top of the building but also cooperate with the space design and lighting to form a beautiful shopping environment and a specific style. From the design of the ceiling, the first thing to consider is the height. If the ceiling is too high, the upper space will appear too large, making customers feel very empty. On the contrary, if it is too low, although it can give customers a sense of intimacy, it will also bring a sense of depression.

Under normal circumstances, the height of the ceiling is determined according to the business area. A spacious store should be appropriately higher, and a narrow store should be lower. For example, a store with an operating area of

20 square meters should have a ceiling height of about 3 meters. Of course, specific problems must be dealt with in a specific manner, and appropriate adjustments can be made according to different industries and environments. The second is the shape of the ceiling. The ceiling is generally flat, which is too rigid. If you can add some changes to it, it will have a great adjustment effect on the psychology of customers, the display effect, and the atmosphere in the store.

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Integrated Ceiling

The integrated ceiling is a combination of metal square plates and electrical appliances, a split plate module, a heating module, a lighting module, and a ventilation module. With simple installation, flexible layout, and convenient maintenance, it has become the mainstream of bathroom and kitchen ceilings. Today, with the increasing development of the integrated ceiling industry, retail shop ceilings, whole-house ceilings, balcony ceilings, dining room ceilings, living room ceilings, and aisle ceilings have gradually become the mainstream of home improvement. It can change the monotony of the ceiling color, and the integrated ceiling is becoming a trend in the market.

Integrated Ceiling Material

The integrated ceiling material is rich and the market is huge. It is composed of decorative board keel integrated hanging wire and ceiling electrical appliances. According to the different materials of the decorative board, the ceiling can be divided into gypsum board ceiling, PVC, aluminum gusset ceiling, PS ceiling, and so on.

1.  Gypsum board ceiling

A Gypsum board ceiling is a kind of ceiling material with a gypsum board as the surface and a keel as the frame. The gypsum board used here is a board made of plaster of Paris as a raw material with additives and fiber materials added. The keel is divided into two types: wood keel and light steel keel. Wooden keel is made of sheet metal, which is cheap and has high plasticity. It can be made into various shapes and is widely used in living rooms and bedrooms. The light steel keel is made of galvanized steel sheet by cold bending or stamping. This material is expensive, but it is fireproof and moisture-proof, has good shock resistance, and is more convenient for construction. It is more suitable for use in environments with relatively large spaces.

gypsum ceiling

2.  PVC ceiling

PVC has the advantages of being lightweight, waterproof, fire-retardant, insect-proof, moisture-proof, and inexpensive. There are many kinds of colors and patterns of PVC boards, mostly plain colors, but also imitation patterns

and imitation marble patterns. Its section is a honeycomb mesh structure, with machined grooves and tenons on both sides. When selecting such materials, it should be noted that the surface should be free of cracks and scratches, the grooves and grooves should be complete and straight, and the mutual engagement should be smooth, and there should be no local undulations. The board is bendable and elastic, the sound is crisp when tapped on the surface by hand, and it will not sag and deform under certain pressure.

pvc ceiling

3.  Aluminum gusset ceiling

The aluminum gusset is a special material with a light and durable texture. It is widely used in home decoration ceilings and has many excellent characteristics. It is suitable for kitchen and bathroom, not only can achieve a good decorative effect, but also has various functions, so it is favored by consumers. The aluminum gusset is the most suitable decorative material for kitchen and bathroom ceilings. It has good moisture-proof, oil-proof, flame-retardant properties, beautiful appearance, and convenient transportation and use. The aluminum gusset ceiling is the main ceiling material used in home decoration at present.

aluminum gusset ceiling

4.  PS board

PS board decoration results are good, it is a new type of imported material. It has rich colors, good elasticity, light material, and good light transmission effect, and is one of the excellent ceiling materials. The PS board has rich patterns and will not fade and corrode, because it has excellent light transmittance, and can install lighting fixtures in the ceiling to create symmetrical astigmatism and diffusion effect. The price is more expensive.

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Advantages of an integrated ceiling

  1. The installed integrated ceiling will not degrade. They are all specially processed.
  2. Will not rust when wet. High-quality keel screws are all made of paint.
  3. It is convenient for daily care and can be disassembled and cleaned in a single. After drying and installing it, it is no different from brand new.

Installation steps

  1. Accurately measure the installation area and prepare for installation.
  2. Install the edge line.
  3. Hit the expansion screw and hang the boom.
  4. Install hooks and light steel keels on the ceiling.
  5. Place the triangular keel with the hanging piece tightly attached to the light steel keel in the vertical direction below the light steel keel.
  6. Press the gusset into the seam of the triangular keel, and make sure that they are perpendicular to each other.
  7. Install electrical appliances.
  8. Calibration adjustment

How to customize the integrated ceiling?

If you want to customize the ceiling for your home or shop, you need to send us the size of your ceiling and tell us your requirements, such as what effect or color you want. This way we can help you customize the integrated ceiling to fit. You need to install it yourself when you receive it. Because integrated ceilings are generally installed with electrical appliances, such as exhaust vents or ceiling lights, we need to set up electrical wiring. So you can ask a professional worker to help you complete the installation of the ceiling, which will be safer and more convenient.