How And When To Update Your Shop

Today, the restaurant and retail industry is more up-to-date than ever and is changing very quickly. Doing business is a job in itself. Customer tastes change from year to year, age differences, and personality traits make it harder to attract a blurry audience, and neighboring businesses are always coming out with something new to keep you on your toes. In this business environment, knowing when to refresh your business brand is important. Launch a new product, a new brand, a new image that will also attract customers again.

shopWhile it's impossible to completely rebrand your business every time you feel like you're falling behind the industry, it's also not desirable. But in order to survive the competition, regular updates to your brand are absolutely necessary. We've found that renewing your business every 5 years is a good rule of thumb if you want to keep existing customers and continue to attract new ones.

Why You Need To Update Your Shop

When your business model changes, when you want to reach new audiences, or when you feel that something unique to your business in the past is no longer able to impress today's customers, it becomes even more important to update your branding and interior design. When your interior gets tired and boring, when your logo is a decade-old vibe, or when the overall style of your business is outdated and inefficient, you need to give your shop and business a whole new look.

shopSo, if you're in the restaurant, bar or dessert business, how exactly do you do it? What should you update and where should you start? Here are some primary conditions we give you to consider.

Logo And Graphics

When the old business giant Coca-Cola strives to keep updating its logo to keep it fresh, you know it's necessary. Trademarks will become outdated, and if they are not updated every few years, the image of the brand will be abandoned by the trend of the times. Especially now, there are many complexes, cumbersome fonts, outdated patterns, and outdated designs that were created many years ago.

logoToday's customers are very visual and can quickly distinguish between what is trendy and what belongs to another era. They prefer simplicity to complexity. The same goes for the graphics you use in your logo or interior design, which you can embody through styling, or show strengths through limited colors, either non-luminous or luminous.

For example, in this Kung Fu Tea, its operator has changed the appearance of bubble tea cups and the decoration of the store by creating a new brand logo and graphics, making the store more different and making customers a deeper impression of the brand. Since logos and brand graphics play an important role in how customers perceive and remember your store, they are the first thing you should consider when updating.

shopBar Counters

A counter is a very important presence in any store. After your store has been in use for a few years, the counter will certainly no longer meet the needs of the new era more or less, the material may be outdated, and the countertop will be affected. Or you have purchased an operating store, but you don't like the existing counter in the store, and you should consider replacing it.

storeWe can replace the countertop materials that are often used now, quartz stone or other stone countertops, which are beautiful and durable. They are the best choice for restaurants, milk tea shops, and bars, and they are also easy to clean. If you want other more special materials, we can also provide you, such as cultural stone, solid wood board, aluminum-plastic board and so on. Now people also prefer counters with lights, we can use LED light strips on the counters or around the strings, and acrylic lights for decoration. You can also make your logo illuminated and install it in front of the counter, which can also deepen the customer's impression of your brand.

Table And Chairs

In many stores, there are so many options for dining tables, chairs, benches, sofas or other seating, and their appearance, style and material can have a big impact on your interior. When you're looking to enhance your customers' comfort, it's not hard to see why we see chairs as an important thing to reevaluate when renewing your business.

TABLEThere are plenty of places to find affordable tables and chairs, such as online furniture stores. If you have a looser budget, you can customize tables and chairs that match the style or materials you need and place them in your store.

In our designs, we love to use colorful and stylish chairs to give you something unique. Of course, when you want to update your store, you have different tables and chairs in mind, and we never consider them only functional furniture. Instead, we see them as an important part of the overall decor concept and expect them to have an impact.

TABLESUnique Lighting

Lighting shouldn't just be on the ceiling. Wall fixtures have an intimate and warm feel, bringing a softer, more approachable light to customers. The beauty of an alcove is more pronounced, so an item like this can serve double duty as a wall decoration. Best of all, candlesticks can provide filtered light to help create the right atmosphere—making them ideal lighting options in restaurant designs.