In our life, supermarkets and convenience stores can be seen everywhere. They sell a lot of daily necessities and fast food products as well as some snacks. Because they are very heterogeneous. So we need to use some large volume shelves to store them. In addition to the convenience shop, retail shelves also use in many warehouses or delivery stations. Different shelves can use in different places and for different goods. Today I want to show you the popular shelves style.

1.  Warehouse Shelves


These types of shelves are usually used for some package goods, they are very heavy. And it is used in many places. Such as restaurants, fast food shops, and other retail shops. For some express delivery points or repair factories, we need to use these shelves to store a large number of express delivery and tools and equipment, etc. So this kind of shelves requires very good load-bearing shelves.

retail shelves

It can bear about 150KG goods. We use a thickened double-layer steel frame, the fixed angle adopts triangular mechanics, and the structure is very stable. So when we place large goods, there is a safety guarantee.

retail shop shelves

The shelf is movable, so we can adjust the height of the shelf according to the size of the goods. It can meet the requirements of different cargo sizes. The side column adopts the gourd hole design, which is very convenient for us to install or adjust the height of the floor.

2.  Retails Shelves

display shelves

This kind of shelf is the most common style in supermarkets. It is displayed on all sides and has a large capacity, which can be assembled freely. It is made of several small cabinets spliced together, and we can choose the length of the splicing. If one side is against the wall, we can remove the side shelf. On the front of each laminate there is a spot for a product label, so customers can see the product’s name and price.

retail stand

This shelf is placed against the wall. In the same store, if we want to make them look more unified as a whole, we can choose the same type of shelf. Its height can also be adjusted, so we can place unused products or drinks. At the top of the shelf is an advertising space where we can place pictures of our products.

3.  Peg Display Shelves

peg display

This style of the shelf is suitable for displaying lighter and smaller items. Its backboard is perforated board, and on both sides are the pillars on which the shelf supports are placed. It can be used both with shelves and with hooks. So there are many ways to show the products. Likewise, its shelf height can be adjusted. Due to the richness of our products, when choosing shelves, it is best to choose adjustable shelves.

retail shop

It is often used with refrigerators, we can place iced beverages and room temperature beverages so that customers can freely choose.

4.  Wooden box display shelves

retail stand

This display is mostly used for retail bulk snacks or candies, We can see that each display cabinet has four compartments on each floor to hold different types of snacks, It can be used in candy stores or nut stores. The top of it is a laminate, we can put drinks or boxed products. The middle three layers are bulk snacks, At the bottom is the storage cabinet where we can put our stock.

retail shelves

In addition to the single-sided display, we can also customize the double-sided display, its height is shorter than the wall display, and its top can also place products.

5.  Trapezoid Display Shelves

display shelves

This one is used in the middle of the store. It is often used in supermarkets, mother and baby stores, other retail stores, etc. It has a total of three layers of the display, and each layer has a 5cm guardrail on the edge of the display, which can prevent our products from falling. At the bottom of the shelf uses a metal steel frame with silent feet pad to avoid scratching the floor and avoid noise when moving the cabinet.

6.  Snack Shelf Basket


This kind of shelf is relatively simple and it can be used in supermarkets. Some snacks can be placed, and each layer can bear 60KG, so we can also place some drinks. Its main material is steel bars, the thickness of the steel wire of the diagonal frame is 3.1mm, and the thickness of the frame of the diagonal frame is 5.0mm. Adopt advanced welding technology for, stable connection.

Each layer of this cargo is fixed with nylon cable ties, which are more firm and durable. High-quality universal wheel. The front wheel adopts a brake wheel for easy fixing.


The above shelves are the most commonly used shelves in life. If you use it in a warehouse or need to place heavy objects, we can choose the first one. The rest are available in supermarkets or retail stores. We can choose the number of shelves according to our needs, and they can also be used together. These shelves are all disassembled. If you want to open a retail store. We can also help you customize shelving and layouts throughout the store. This way we can make better use of all the space. We can also look at the overall effect before buying.