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Container Shape Showcase | High-quality Metal Display Cabinet

Container Shape Showcase | High-quality Metal Display Cabinet

Metal Storage Shelves | Warehouse Retail Shelf For Sale

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For some food shops or restaurants, there have many raw materials need to store, so we need to arrange a warehouse to store our goods. The most common storage tool is the metal shelves. They have a large capacity and they are very strong and durable. In addition to the storefront, it is also the main storage rack for many logistics companies.

metal shelves

This kind of display racks can be joined together. If we have a larger space and a lot of goods, we can put them together into several rows of long cabinets. It has two colors to choose from, and it has a main shelf and sub-shelves. If we want to arrange them in a row, we can buy main shelves and sub-shelves together.

Metal Shelves Details

Size: 200x60x200cm (4 layer)

Material: Steel

Surface finish: Electrostatic Spray

Bear: 180KG/Layer

Stand column thickness: 50x30x0.8mm

Beam thickness: 50x30x0.8mm

Layer thickness: 0.4mm

Color: Blue, White (Support for Custom)

This type of shelves is consists of the beam, stand column, and 4 layers. It is assembled is very easy. We can do it ourselves. Here is the assembled diagram.

display stand

Main Shelve and Sub-shelves Connect Diagram

storage shelf

We can buy these shelves according to our warehouse size or the number of our goods. Their load-bearing capacity is very good, and each layer can hold about 180KG of goods. They are not easy to wear, have smooth surfaces.


Since these metal shelves are disassembled, we will have stretch film and rice foam board to surround them during packaging and put them in the carton or wooden box. Their volume is relatively small compared to other furniture.

We can ship the goods to your nearest port or your detailed address. You need to pack up the goods at the port. If you can’t do it by yourself. We can also ship to your address. But you need to unload the goods.


W ship by sea. The freight is based on the volume of the goods and your country. The shipping time is 25-40 days.

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Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Steel
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