food shop

We go to the restaurant, sometimes to fill our stomachs, but mostly to hang out with family or friends and colleagues. When choosing a restaurant, we don’t choose the humble. Instead, we choose branded or well-decorated stores. Because our dinner is more enjoy the service in the store and chat with friends. The surrounding environment has a great influence on our mood. Therefore, a quiet and beautiful store can attract more attention. So when we open a shop, we have to pay more attention to its style, color, and layout. Today I want to show you a modern dessert shop interior design.

retail shop

From the design, we can see its interior decoration and environment. Its overall environment is relatively bright, and the decoration on the wall gives it a unique style. If we want to highlight the specialties of our region or country, or if you are selling specialties from a certain country, then we can choose this type of decoration. Some special patterns can be carved on the wall.

This shop is long in shape, so the front of the shop can be divided into the left side and right side to put the bar counter and seating. At the end of the shop, we can put some sofa chairs.

bar counter

When we finish the big job of finishing walls, ceiling, and floor. We can buy furniture to match. Such as bar counters, tables, chairs, etc. Here the color chosen for the bar is matched to the walls and floor. Its countertop is made of artificial stone with the edge of the counter. If we sell bread, cake, or donuts, we can put a glass case on the counter. The bar counter is for use customers to order and take out the food, so it is very important. Stone countertop is very durable and easy to clean, so most people will choose to use stone as a countertop. If you want to enhance the artistic sense, we can also put some decorations on the countertop, etc.

retail shop design

Table and chairs we can choose some different styles. The sofa chair is more comfortable, and many customers like it. So when we choose a chair, it is best to choose a seat cushion. The tables and chairs in the aisle are all single chairs, which come in two styles. If we wanted to create some privacy, we could add screens between the seats.


For some family gatherings or company gatherings, we can choose a multi-seat sofa, and a single-seat chair can be placed in front.

sofa chair

Corner sofa chairs can be set up in the depths of the store, which can make better use of the space and present a better effect.

After setting up the tables and chairs, the next thing to consider is the decoration of the store. Green plants are placed in many places in this store. Plants are good for our health, and the effect it displays is also very good. Therefore, the sofa chairs in our store can also be selected in green colors.

bakery design

A comfortable and beautiful store can always attract the attention of many people. In addition to the decoration of the store, the smell of the interior is also very important. We can light some aromatherapy so that our shop will be fragrant. If we have a bathroom, we should also pay attention to hygiene inside. Take care to clean and keep it odorless or fragrance-free. This will give customers a better experience.

retail shop

If we have a high ceiling height, we can choose to use pendant lights. For this kind of shop, the lamp can use neutral light. Its color and style can be matched with the color of the store.


If you want to do a good job in your store, in addition to our products, we should also pay attention to the decoration, design, and service of the store. A beautiful shop can give us extra points, but our service, hygiene, and attitude are also very important. So every item needs our cooperation so that we can develop our brand. If you are a new brand, before starting a store. We need to confirm the style and layout and so on. We can see that many chain stores have the same decoration style. Therefore, if we want to develop into a chain brand, we must pay special attention to the first store. When getting a store, we can do a 3D design to determine the effect we want. We can determine the layout of the interior by design, all the lights, etc. This is also very beneficial and convenient for our follow-up work.