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Marketing superiority In the era of the market economy, companies want to sell their products, and marketing methods can be described as numerous. But generally speaking, it is nothing more than salesmen who use various related methods to establish a customer base; through advertising and publicity; now there is network marketing...but there are other ways to replace the exhibition. Superiority is one of the most effective marketing methods for enterprises. Ant Display custom design & build trade show booth, exhibition booth, the fair booth for sale. Whether you are looking for a pop-up trade show booth or need and custom exhibition display stand, We got all your needs covered, check our site and find your favorite booth design. 

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The exhibition is the first choice for companies to open up new markets and the only marketing activity that makes full use of the human senses. Through the exhibition, people's knowledge of products is the most real and deepest, and they can quickly and comprehensively understand the market conditions. In the exhibition, you can see various styles of trade show booths. In modern marketing, important functions such as the overall publicity of the unique corporate image of the exhibition, the release of new products, the collection of professional information, and the development of corporate public relations have been increasingly recognized by corporate management and operators. This kind of highly competitive and fully free atmosphere is exactly what enterprises need most when opening up the market. Therefore, we need a more recognizable trade show booth to gain public show booth

Top Quality trade show booth at low price

  1. The account-building relationship exhibition is a platform for industry manufacturers, distributors, and traders to communicate, communicate, and promote business. The professional exhibition is the epitome of the industry it represents, and to a certain extent, it is even a market. Companies can establish and maintain relationships with stakeholders in the exhibition, get to know a large number of potential customers, harmonize customer relationships, and establish an overall image of the company in the market.
  2. Information on marketing strategies and other aspects can quickly and accurately understand the development status and trends of domestic and foreign industries and the invention of new products, so as to provide a basis for the company to formulate the next development strategy. On the other hand, if a company is considering launching a new product or a new service, it can conduct on-site investigations with visitors at the exhibition to find out whether it is consistent with the demand characteristics of the target market.
  3. Expanding the influence of enterprises Through exhibitions, companies can display their brands. Most exhibitions usually attract the attention of many media. Using the media to promote is a rare opportunity for exhibitors.

Why you need a trade show booth?

Whether it is gaining exposure or credibility-the trade show booth at a trade show gives you a powerful platform to meet potential new customers. In some cases, your presence at a trade show will tell the industry that you are a trusted partner and brand. In some cases, some brands "cut corners", starting from their trade show booth. So we must take every exhibition seriously. Therefore, we need to choose a trade show booth with better materials and with its own characteristics. We can show our brand through a trade show booth.

A great and successful trade show booth design exudes a professional atmosphere and can immediately attract attendees. The trade show booth is to highlight the uniqueness of your company. It can make the entire message easy to understand, visually attractive, and impress the participants. From eye-catching backgrounds to stylish furniture, to eye-catching banners, to high-quality accessories. All these exhibition supplies can help create the best booth layout.

  • Booth elements-there are a variety of styles to choose from, including truss system, pop-up booth display, back wall, etc.
  • Logos and banners-used to promote and advertise your business and/or products.
  • Booth furniture and decoration-used to design attractive booth settings to naturally attract customers. Purchase furniture for exhibition booths, including seats, tables, kiosks and counters, floors, and portable display stands.
  • Accessories and supplies-take your event settings to the next stage, including prize games, promotional items, table sets, etc.
  • Equipment-to ensures that the transportation and event setup is as smooth as possible, including transport boxes, booth lighting, TV stands and AV equipment.

How to make your trade show booth stand out?

Generally speaking, the creativity of the amazing trade show booth can be divided into the following points:

  1. Add 3D projection mapping to your booth design. The 3D map brings augmented reality to your booth, which is a cool and innovative touch to any existing design.Hire dedicated booth staff. You should have representatives of your core employees present. The team needs some people who specialize in customer service, and someone needs to receive guests, set up displays, and operate cash registers.
  2. Play interactive games. Interactive games are a great way to attract people and keep them there for a while.
  3. Location, place your trade show booth at the restroom, commissary, main entrance, and secondary entrance. These are called "triangles" and they are one of the best ways to get a good trade show booth at any size venue or trade show event.
  4. Make it visually stunning. We can design a trade show booth that belongs to you according to your brand so that he has visual experience.
  5. The space in the trade show booth is very important. We need to arrange a more adequate seating area. At this time we need to have a clever layout. Round seats provide a lot of options and space.
  6. Display materials and products. When placing materials or products on the table, avoid walking in a straight line. We can put some unique display stands on the desktop for display
  7. The most important point is to use the unique design and shape of the display cabinet. We need to design the trade show booth to make the trade show booth stand out in the show.

Custom Trade Show Booth For Sale

Ant Display is a one-stop-shop that meets all your trade show needs. whether you are looking for a 3x3 meter standard booth or looking for pop up trade show counters, you will always buy the perfect display here. It can accurately provide you with related commercial furniture and trade show booth accessories.