7 Best Tips For Designing Optical Shop

7 Best Tips For Designing Optical Shop

Glasses can tell a lot about a person, including their professionalism, their overall style, and-well-how poor their eyesight is. People care about the glasses they wear on their faces, and if you want to take advantage of that, you can consider opening your own optical shop. Many customers will go to the hospital to get glasses for the sake of protecting their eyes, but the high price has forced them to consider other options, so if you plan to open an optical shop, it is really a good idea.

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Whether you run an independent optician shop or you have opened an optical pharmacy for your optometry practice, it is important to use retail principles and use your brand when designing your space. Considering details, such as your optical showroom layout, can make a huge difference in sales performance and allow visitors to recognize your brand.

Optical Shop Design Layout

Remember the quick attraction point we mentioned? There are many shops on both sides of the street, so you need to highlight the highlights that attract customers and catch their attention so that you can enter your shop smoothly. You can assume that this will be the first step for most people. After that, the layout of your showroom should guide visitors: use your space to circulate customer flow in a way that induces purchases.

optical shopFirst, divide your showroom into several areas: What is the area on the right? What does the left area show and how is the internal location designed? Some grocery stores often place fresh produce on the right side of the entrance so customers can associate their location with their freshness. You may not be here to buy organic lettuce, but this is what you will think of the next time the store shows up. So what's your first impression of your display showroom?

optical shopDo you want the impression of putting the same wall display cabinets on both sides of the store to show customers your glasses products, or do you want your customers to notice your logo, LED lighting box, know something about your brand first, then have interests about your products first? Or is it the impression of welcoming customers into your optical shop after a period of wandering? This is all about the optical shop layout.  

Lighting All Display Furniture

Lighting is an important part of the showroom. The light is too dim, and your frame products will not pop up in an attractive way. If the light is too strong, customers will be turned away by the dazzling glare of your monitor.

Lighting furnitureIt's all about how you let light and shadow interact to highlight your product and guide people through your space. Use light to draw attention to your frame. And use shadows in the negative space between products to tell customers to move on to the next part.

Optical Shop Used Kinds of Display Furniture

Ok, you thought you'd read enough content, while now it is the important ones, following further are we usually used in the optical shop. You can choose some when you open the optical shop.

*Wall Display Cabinet

wall display cabinetThe display utilizes the three-segment rule in several different ways. The wall cabinet seems to be divided into three parts, high light area, low light area, and counterpart. The contrast between light and shade tells shoppers were to choose products.

wall display cabinetSee how this display divides the space into multiple parts while using contrast lighting to highlight products. There is one place your eyes want to go: to the four-row frame. A well-segmented display like this can be used to set shoppers' expectations.

wall display cabinetLattice space is also a structure often used in glasses product display, which can not only help us better store and display frame products but also look very neat and orderly. Using different color block collocation can also effectively distinguish so that customers can focus on the middle area.

*Wall Mount Display

wall mount displayIf the walls of an optical shop occupy too much space inside and you can't put wall display cabinets, this mount display rack hanging on the wall will be very suitable for your requirements. The whole frame made of iron is matched with a wooden laminated frame, and a mirror is installed in the middle so that customers can choose the frame they want anytime and anywhere.

wall mount displayOr simple metal frame design, light box design with your logo on the top, or metal tube with cabinet luminous laminate to attract customers' attention to the products displayed in the middle of you.

*Floor Display Stand

floor display standIf there is no big other space in your shop, we suggest you can choose this optical floor display to show some products as well. The middle area is divided into three parts, a total is a transparent style, which means you can let your customer pay more attention here.

*Optical Optometry Room

display tableThe optometry room is a necessary part of your whole optical shop. We have some furniture designs you can use also. Like the tables, and countertop grid drawer. The table allows you to work, and the glasses products can be collected under the tabletop.

display table

*Sunglasses Kiosk

If your optical shop is very big just look like our this design, you won't need to design many some other styles furniture, you can directly put a sunglasses kiosk inside of your shop, save a lot of energy to match. Because a sunglasses kiosk is actually a combination of many display retail counters, placing a kiosk directly can save you some details that need to be considered in your design.

sunglasses kioskOf course, the kiosk can be customized according to your shop style, and can also be matched with many store interior details according to your needs, you just let me know your ideas and needs.