Ant optical shop design

Now more and more people wear sunglasses, it is not only a fashion accessory but also can protect the eyes. Many people are selling sunglasses these days. If you also want to open an optical shop, you need to plan and budget well before opening. What are the preparations for opening an optical shop?

sunglasses shop interior design

  1. You want to investigate the surrounding market and traffic

If there is a lot of traffic around and the market is very good, it is a good choice to open an optical shop in this place.

optical shop display furniture

  1. Choose a good location

The location of the storefront is very important. Prosperous commercial streets, shopping malls, tourist areas, and playgrounds are all good choices.

  1. Calculate all the costs of opening a store.

To open an optical shop, you need to pay rent, decorate the store, and then buy display furniture and accessories. If your store is larger, you will also need to hire a clerk.

  1. Renovate your storefront

How to make your decoration look very unique and attractive is very important. The decoration should give people a very comfortable and bright feeling.

eyewear shop display cabinet

This is a nice sunglasses shop design share with you. See this optical shop, it used light wood color matched white color. The left and right side all have tall display cabinets putted against wall. On the top of these cabinets are light boxes, middle are white shelves for display, bottom are storage cupboards. Middle have two tables for people to rest. Back side is a cash counter with logo on it. On the back side of the cash counter is feature wall with photos for decoration. This shop used light wood color matched white color as main color theme.

glasses display rack

Ant display Limited can help you create your shop design, we will design your whole shop interior with all display furniture. We have our own factory, have 13 years experience, can help you customize inside furniture.