Hello everyone, when we go steeping, we can see many clothing stores. Most of them are women's clothing stores or men's suit stores. Only sportswear stores are still relatively rare. We all know that fitness has many benefits for our bodies. Many people choose to go out for running, some people also choose to go to the gym. People of these sports, we can all find a characteristic. That's the clothes on them, mostly tight-fitting and very comfortable. We generally call them sportswear.

Sportswear is mostly used by people who are engaged in sports work or regular fitness exercises, and they are common in our daily lives. So is there a store that specializes in sports and leisure clothing and some sports goods? Of course, there is. So what does this type of store look like? Today I will introduce to you the overall design of a sports clothing store and its display.

sportwear store

What are the elements of designing a sportswear store?

Our most direct purpose of starting a store is to make money. If our store is not attractive enough, it will directly affect our sales. A large part of the sales of a store depends on the design and decoration of our store. So, what elements do an attractive store need? Let's take a look next.


From the design drawing, we can see that the overall tone of the entire store is gray, and most of the colors of general sportswear or gym clothes are gray or black. We can use a color that is consistent with the tone of the sportswear so that the entire store looks more coordinated. Gray looks calmer and quieter, coupled with a clean environment, which can make our store look more professional.

Exterior walls and doors

Generally, the wall and door of the clothing store facing the customer are transparent glass. In this way, when customers enter our store, they can clearly see the products and clothing styles of our store. If it happens to be what the customer needs, they will come in to find out the details. Therefore, the use of glass doors and walls is very important.

Store Outside Logo

A logo is very important for a store. We can see that almost every store on the street has a big luminous logo on the door. It can be the logo of our brand or the name of our product or store. It allows customers to clearly know what industry and what brand we are. The logo on the front of the store can not only serve as the decoration of our store but also develop our brand. This kind of logo is generally an acrylic logo or a metal logo, which is one of the very common signs outdoors. They are very durable, it is no problem in outdoor use.


Mannequins are one of the most intuitive ways to show the effects of our clothing. The mannequin is similar to our body shape, and there is no difference after wearing clothes. So when we put the clothes on the mannequin, we can show the characteristics of our products. Putting the model on our glass window can also attract the attention of our customers. It can also be used as a decoration if placed in the store. They can make our store look not too single.

The above are not only some elements of designing and decorating the store, but also our suggestions. What do you think of the design of this store? If I am a customer, and I have these needs. When I see such a store, I will definitely go in and take a look. Of course, in addition to the style of the entire store, we also need to consider the display furniture inside. We should consider how we can make better use of more space and display more of our products. Next, let's take a look at the display furniture and display methods in it.

sportwear shop design

Display furniture and layout in the store

In addition to clothing, this store also sells some sporting goods, such as basketball and sports shoes related to basketball and sports. In this way, if customers all need it, they can buy it one at a time, which is not only beneficial to our sales but also convenient for customers. From the design drawing, we can see that it has a total of four furniture displays. They are display cabinets, wall shelves, wall stainless steel tube rack, and standing stainless steel rack.

Display cabinet

This cabinet can be used as a display or as a front desk. We can see that the outside of this cabinet is a shelf display, we can display basketball and football. The inner side is the tabletop where we work. It is facing this doorway so that customers can see our products at first glance and it is also convenient for us to receive customers. This front desk can be used.

Wall shelves

The wall shelves are used to display sports shoes. It is directly fixed to the wall, and the length of the shelves is about the same as the length of the shoes, which does not take up much space. If we don’t have many shoes, we don’t have to have many wall shelves. One row on each side is enough.

Stainless steel tube rack

This display is one of the most commonly used displays in clothing stores. We can fix the stainless steel pipe to the wall. We can install AA columns on both sides of the steel pipe, which can adjust the height of the steel pipe. Glass can be installed on the top of the display area to prevent dust from falling. This kind of display can be installed on the wall in our store. They take up almost no space and there are a lot of clothes we can show.

Standing Rack

This kind of display is placed directly on the ground, we can put it in the middle of the store. It is much more convenient when customers want to see our clothes. You can also try it on directly. This standing rack is available in every clothing store. You can also choose multiple colors. The common ones are gold, stainless steel, and black. We can choose the same color as our store.



After reading the above content, do you have any new ideas for designing a store and purchasing display furniture? This display of furniture is very easy to use and one of the common furniture and the price is very cheap and reasonable. In this era of fierce business competition, if we want to stand out, we must work hard on the design and decoration of our stores. Of course, the quality of the product is also crucial.