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Acrylic Letters

In daily life, we see two types of acrylic characters, one is luminous characters and the other is non-luminous characters. Many of the company names and store logos we see are made of acrylic. The composition of the acrylic word is generally composed of a transparent acrylic bottom plate and a colored acrylic panel. Acrylic characters are made of fine materials, with good weather resistance, high surface hardness, and surface gloss, and good high-temperature performance, it will not fade in 3-5 years, exquisite and beautiful, suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising words. The acrylic symbols or letters are cut from a flat plate by a laser. It comes in four thicknesses, up to 1/2 an inch, and in many colors. The laser-cut letters have smooth polished edges. Each individual acrylic word is fitted with an installation accessory that can be installed in a few minutes. Acrylic letters can be combined with metal veneers to provide a rich look.
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Why use acrylic as a logo and letters?

clear acrylic lettersAcrylic is a good iconic plastic, it is a very durable outdoor material, and the price is moderate. Acrylic letters can be easily cut into various styles of fonts, graphics, and logos. And its letters are light-weight, so its install is very easy and safe.

Do the acrylic letters apply to any location?

The acrylic logo letter looks great both in distance and distance, so you can use it indoors or outdoors. Due to its chemical resistance, the acrylic material can be used outdoors in extreme high temperature or cold conditions, and will not fade under direct ultraviolet light. However, metal-laminated acrylic letters cannot be used outdoors. This is because as time goes by, the edge will break.

How about the price of acrylic slogan letters?

Acrylic logo letters are very economical, especially when compared with other materials such as aluminum, brass or stainless steel. Because it is not degradable, easy to maintain, and has a long service life.

What is the process of using the acrylic letter to make signs?

  • Cut. Laser cutting is a non-contact cutting method. The laser can cut various patterns, fonts, etc. This technique uses a laser beam to illuminate the acrylic surface. The energy released is the melting of the acrylic board. The laser cutting method can be used for precise cutting. For materials with complex shapes, only polishing is required.
  • Punch. It is very convenient to use the machine to punch holes. We only need to use the size marked on the drawing on the computer to input the drawing on the computer into the CNC machine, and the machine will automatically run to work.
  • Polishing. Customers need high-quality products to polish their products. This process is achieved by traditional grinding and cloth wheel polishing.
  • Hot bend. The hot bending of acrylic can be achieved by several different methods. Multiple acrylic plates can be placed on a set of hot bending machines and shaping dies at the same time for hot bending qualitative. Most of the hot bending is only a single line or parallel line bending, the angle of the hot bending can be controlled according to the shaping die.
  • Bonding. Bonding is a very strict process, not only to align the position but also to the product's strong requirements.
  • Assemble. Assembly is self-evident. It is a series of combinations of multiple accessories to become a complete product. After the product quality is checked, the product is packaged and shipped out after confirmation.

How to install acrylic letters?

  1. Non-luminous acrylic Position the cardboard hollow board to the place where it needs to be installed (we will provide it), evenly put a thin layer of glass glue on the reverse side of the word and then put the word according to the position of the hollow board. The cardboard plays a supporting role, which can prevent the word from falling off before the silicone is dry. After 24 hours wait until the glass glue dry through interlude font, tear off the surface of the protective film, can be completed.
  2. Luminous The layout of the good position paste in the installation position, and then to the directional-line hole to move the hole, each hole through a red line a black line out, connected to the top of the word shell and the word of the red and black line. Connect all the black wires together and all the red wires together. Connect the black wires (v minus) and red wires (v plus) respectively to the mainline (two wires). Do not connect the power supply of 220 directly at this time. Led light The source will be burned. Referring to the transformer interface, the 220V power supply of the household power cord is connected to our transformer and the two interfaces of LN (just connect to LV). Cover the panel with the words split in the first step, the acrylic panel and the bottom plate are fixed with screws, and the sealed words around the transparent glass glue are installed.

No matter what business you want to start, you will always need to use the words, signs, letters, so how do we customize them?

Contact us and send us the file you want to do or tell us what text content, font, color and size you want, so we can customize the acrylic letter and logo according to your requirements. The file must be the source file, and the enlargement will not be blurred. Our price depends on its style, size, and shape if you want to order acrylic letter and logo, welcome your inquiry.