Digital Signage

Digital signage, as the name suggests, is an application method that uses digital information system as a sign. Most of them use LCD and LED display systems to display public information in public places. It will use flat-panel display screens, LED TV, LCD screen, projections,video walls etc to play videos, show images or text. It is an very effective and eye-catching advertising solution. Digital signage can help notify, entertain, educate, advertising, it is a good way to show your brand, logo, menus or images. It is widely used in many different areas, you can find digital signage in many public spaces, museums, stadiums retail shops, restaurants, hotels etc. They are used as signpost, advertising, promoting sales, exhibition etc. They have many advantages that advertising media can’t match.

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  1. Touch Screen TV Teaching All-in-one Multimedia Interactive Meeting Electronic Whiteboard
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  2. Ultra-thin High-Definition Vertical Multi-function Touch Advertising Display
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  3. Bubble Tea Shop LCD Display Screen | Hanging Online Advertising Machine
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The advantages of digital signage

digital signage

  1. cost-efficient and eco-friendly

Digital signage can use very long time, and it can used to show different kinds of information. No matter you changed your location or want to use it in other business, it all work. You just need to change inside media, so it is very cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

  1. Help Increase sales in a good way

It can advertising your product info, brand or promotion info in a flexible way. We supply touch screen, LED digital signage, LCD signage or video walls for your choice. You can present video, images, text etc.

  1. Reduce perceived waiting time

The digital signage can show your information in several seconds, people no need to wait.

  1. Excellent visual impact experience

Compared with other advertising media, it displays information more intuitively. Dynamic videos and numbers can attract people's attention and bring strong visual impact.

  1. Suitable for different occasions

Digital signage is more powerful than other advertising media. It can used in different industries and occasions.

They can used in these industries:

  1. Restaurants

Restaurants can use digital signage to show their food&drinks, menus, price list etc. Restaurant can change their menus info freely and quickly.

  1. Retail shops

Digital signage can help attract customers and promote the sales. So almost retail shops will use digital signage for advertising.

  1. Bank

Bank will use digital signage to show some important info, people can see the information Intuitively.

  1. Education

Digital signage also widely used in school for teaching.

  1. Entertainment

All kinds of entertainment venues will use digital signage to advertising and attract customers.

led signage

What types digital signage has?

  1. Digital posters

Digital posters as usually putted against wall, the LCD screen fixed on the surface, the media player putted inside the enclosure. It is easy to assemble, it can help save space. Restaurants always use them as menus.

  1. Free-standing digital signage

Free-standing digital signage can stand freely on floor, it can be LED TV, LCD screen, touch screen, it can attract people to achieve a good promotion effect.

  1. Dynamic digital signage

Dynamic digital signage is mainly used LCD and DEL technologies to show images and videos. They are widely used in retail shops, pharmacy and hospitals and restaurants.

  1. Automated digital signage

Automated digital signage is widely used in public transit area to show schedules. It used is HTML


  1. Advertising digital signage

Advertising digital signage are widely used in transport industry and entertainment industry. They will use high brightness LCD screen and special monitor.

  1. Touch screen

Touch screen are widely used in mall, electronic shops etc, they allow people check info and looking for products themselves. Everyone can easily use their hands to get the information they want.


Why you can choose Ant display limited?

Ant display limited was established at 2008, we have more than 12 years experience in making different kinds of signage. We have a unique advantage in the production of digital signage. We have 5000 sq meters workshop and 500 experienced workers. We can make different kinds of digital signage for you to choose from. No matter you want to use the digital signage outdoor or indoor, in retail shops or restaurant, you all can find the signage suit your needs. And we supply customize service. Different size and needs are available.

What questions you may be have before order?

  1. How much does a digital signage cost?

A: different digital signage and size the prices are also different. You need to check want what kind digital signage, what size, then we can check price for you.

  1. What types of screen do I use?

The available screen have LCD screen, LED screen and touch screen. LED TV used is led light inside, LCD screen used fluorescent lights. LED TV use less power and display effect will be better and clearer. LCD screen can do different size, it is made of many small panels, so very suitable for outdoor advertising.

  1. How does digital signage work?

The digital signage include content, hardware and software. You need to put the content you want to display on the signage, then use remote control or hand to control it.