Blue color is always the favorite for digital products. This modern design metroPCS phone case are the best way to define the blue art. The main concept color of this store is blue, white and grey. All retail counter, wall cabinets, display tables are design with white & blue combination. While the wall and ceiling and flow are color cool grey. The creative ideas for the using for grey is the floor, wooden textures on grey color are the best way to present luxury and speciality.

Reception area design is another smart idea, the U shape reception desk allow customer to approach from all angles, and blue front panel that clearly to display the available agents. The open style reception desk can not only make reception area looks nice and organized, but it will also speed up the working effiency.

Phone case store design

Right side view of the retail counter, blue brick style background with recessed display cabinet add more industrial feeling to the full shop theme. White logo become more prominent in a full blue background.

computer store design

cell phone accessory store design

phone accessories store design

mobile accesory shop design

phone case retail store design

The real photo after all the display furniture installed.

mobile phone case store design

mobile phone accessory shop design

phone case shop design

This is a typical industrial style cell phone accessories store combined with modern contemporary elements. If you are looking for a similar mobile phone cases shop or need any customized cell phone display fixtures, welcome to visit ant display. We offer the full cell phone store design with all types of mobile store fixtures at affordable cost.