10 Tips For Lingerie Store Design

For the decoration design of underwear stores, the decoration of the facade is very important. There are a large number of commercial stores and a wide range of business services. Due to the different environments in the city, the decoration of underwear stores has different scales and facility standards. Each is different. Running a good underwear store is a profound knowledge, and design and decoration are the top priorities. Below we will explain to you some standards of underwear store decoration. Only when you decorate the store can you attract more customers to enter the store and improve the performance of the store.

lingerie shopTips for Lingerie Store Design

  • The setting and specific location of the cashier

The cash register is the first level of the store's grade, and a professional store should have it. It can't provide cashier services to customers from the bag like a market hawker. The size of the cash register should be able to fit a cash register, and there are certain places to put some promotional brochures or promotional KT versions. At the same time, the location of the cashier should also print the logo of your own brand and face the door, so that guests can see it at a glance when they come in, which can enhance the brand's popularity and make the guests feel classy.

  • Signboard font and coordination of size and facade

The signboard is the face of the store, and the coordination of font size can make the store appear more classy, ​​and customers will come into the store to consume.

The appearance of the facade basically determines your style positioning, and the choice of font basically determines your grade. Generally, we will use luminous 3D logo characters or stainless steel logos. The color of the font should be contrasted with that of the sign so that customers will recognize your sign from a distance. If no one recognizes your store when customers arrive at your door, then the sign must be a failure.

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  • The setting and specific location of the fitting room

With the development of the underwear industry, consumers now need to try on underwear before they are more willing to buy it. In a store without a fitting room, everyone enters and comes out immediately. At the same time, the design and specific location of the fitting room are also a test for the store, which should be conspicuous and not occupy too much space. The location of the fitting room is recommended to be set farther away from the store door, and at the same time, the location of the cashier can be seen. If the location is farther away, it will naturally allow guests to pass through more products and have the opportunity to make a second consumption.

But you also need to pay attention to the protection of privacy. After all, underwear is different from much other clothing, and stores need to provide customers with more privacy protection.

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  • The remaining space in the store

If the shape of the store is irregular, it is inevitable that there will be design dead ends. These dead spots can prevent some poster stands or album stands. The poster display rack can promote the hot-selling underwear products in the store, or it can sell some couple styles, and the album display rack can provide some pictures for the guests to read.

In addition, the store entrance and window are also the key parts of the underwear store display. The location, size and layout of the store should be determined according to specific conditions such as the store's plane form, location environment, and underwear store width. The store entrance and window and the location-scale of plaques, advertisements, signs and store emblems are suitable for underwear store decoration and have obvious identification and orientation.

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  • Store atmosphere, tone, and appearance color

Underwear is a fashionable consumer product, so most people who buy it pay great attention to the grade of the store and the aesthetics of the product. This is very important, if the exterior of your store is not attractive in the first place, fewer people will come in. If you come in and find that the style is not right, the guests will not stay for long. For example, the color of the outer wall of the store is mixed with the color of the surrounding store, which is completely unattractive to passers-by. At the same time, there is no underwear product that allows customers to directly see the variety of styles and colors displayed inside. Naturally, fewer customers will come in. After entering the store, if the lights in the store are dim, the color of the underwear cannot be expressed, and the customers will be disgusted with the rock music and leave immediately.

lingerie storeLingerie Store Design Considerations

  1. Commodity showcases. The quality and quality of the display cabinet of the underwear store directly affects the customer's impression of the underwear brand. The first is that the color of the cabinets should be consistent with the brand concept, and the second should be in line with the trend of the times. The store needs to use as many display racks of different styles as possible, or wall showcases, to avoid the aesthetic fatigue of customers' shopping.
  2. lingerie shopThe store lighting. "Good lighting" has been listed as one of the important environmental factors by consumers, and 75% of consumers believe that the lighting in the store is very important and will directly affect their purchasing behavior. Especially for special personal consumer products like underwear, most women buy mainly by feeling, and the impact of lighting on them is even more prominent.
  3. lingerie store The design and planning of the exterior wall and door of the store. The facade of the underwear store is also the facade of a brand, mainly to clearly show the name and logo of the brand, to be eye-catching, concise, atmospheric, and to express the cultural concept of the brand.
  4. The reasonable setting of the freight yard area. The setting of the underwear display product area must have a flowing line, so that consumers can follow the direction of the product display and consciously read the product from entering the door to going out, and there is no dead angle for product display.
  5. Consumer rest area settings. The consumer rest area is one of the humanized manifestations of an underwear store. Accompanying their girlfriends or wives to buy underwear is a chore for men, but in the rest area, they can feel the considerate and attentive service, giving customers a chance to rest and increasing the time customers stay in the store. This increases the chances of a deal.

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