5 Useful Tips For Designing Bakery Shop

Cake dessert is a common dessert, and people are very fond of it. People's pursuit of quality of life and changes in cake materials have driven the rapid development of the baking industry. Various cake shops and bakeries have sprung up all over the streets and alleys. The intensification of competition also prompts you to pay more attention to store decoration when opening a store, which requires you to have some understanding of the design of such stores. What kind of decoration knowledge do you have in cake store decoration? After our summary to give you a brief introduction:

Space Design

Different from other storefronts, the decoration of the cake shop pays special attention to the reasonable layout of the store space. We all know that cakes need to be displayed, and a cake shop needs a very reasonable space layout, such as a West Point display area, a decoration operation room, a freshly baked area, and a cashier counter. According to these experiences in our work, we believe that the display area must be placed outside, and the leisure area must be placed inside, which is an important magic weapon to increase turnover; a relatively independent space can be arranged in the cake and dessert decoration room; the freshly baked area Always keep it ventilated, clean and bright.

bakery shopIf your cake shop is relatively large, you can prepare a separate kitchen for you to make cakes and desserts, and design a row of display counters for you in the area near the kitchen, so that the cakes or cookies you make first can make customers slowly pick. However, some cake foods need to be refrigerated, so we usually use cake fridge display equipment to put them on the counter, which can keep your products fresh for a period of time.

Lighting Design

We have talked about a lot of store decoration knowledge earlier, and everyone knows the importance of lighting design in-store decoration. Lighting is the soul of the store decoration, and it is no exception in cake shops. Mingshe.com believes that the lighting of the cake shop should use warm-colored light sources such as orange, and the brightness must be sufficient so that our products can become the focus and enhance customers' desire to buy and appetite.

bakery shopColor Design

Color is a major element of our discovery of the world, and the rational use of color is one of the important factors to highlight the characteristics of a cake shop. How do arrange the decoration color of the cake shop? First of all, it is necessary to locate according to the theme style of the storefront, and two to three colors can be selected as the main color of the storefront. Of course, there is also a combination of modernity. Glass, stainless steel, metal and other materials are mostly used. Lighter colors can be used as the main color. Traditional bakeries mostly use warm colors such as yellow, orange, red, and green.

lighting Design Principles

For a cake house, the reasonable layout of the space during decoration is a crucial matter, and the location of each functional area must be reasonably designed during decoration. But for different cake shops, the decoration style and design are different. Therefore, in terms of space layout, the cake room decoration design principles can follow the following three points.

Cake Shop In the Residential Area

cake shopMost of the groups served by the cake shop in the residential area are full-time mothers, the elderly and some children. In view of their income and consumption level, the decoration and design of the cake house are mainly in a simple and generous style, so that the cake house is bright, clean, and tidy as a whole. In addition, the overall environment of the residential area should be taken into consideration when decorating the cake house. If the community is a high-end community, the cake shop can be decorated in a more refined and high-end style. Otherwise, the decoration can be simple and bright, so as to resonate with the surrounding customers and attract customers. And bring revenue to the bakery.

Cake Shop In Business Office Area

The main groups of the business office area are some white-collar workers and business people, which are characterized by the fast pace, middle-to-high-end consumption, in addition to closely following the fashion trend, and the style is more lively. Therefore, the decoration style of the cake shop requires a high-end atmosphere, which can show the taste and style.

bakery shopIn addition, the fast-paced lifestyle will make them want to have a place to relax and can design a relaxation area in the cake shop. It is good to create an elegant, comfortable and generous atmosphere, which can be worked on in the later stage of soft decoration. At the same time, the spatial structure of the store should have a sense of hierarchy, and the lighting arrangement should be bright and dark.

Cake Shop In Business District

Commercial areas are generally concentrated in transportation hubs. There are many customers in these areas. When decorating the cake house, it is most important to consider how to better attract customers. Therefore, the decoration design of the lightbox and the door is very important. At the same time, to attract customers, it is necessary to give a strong sense of visual impact during the decoration, so as to increase the rate of return of customers.

bakery shopIn addition, in the promotion of the store, the main products, new products, or preferential products of the store should be displayed outside the door, and the style and speed of speech should be clean and neat, so as to attract consumers to enter the store faster.

Notes On Decoration:

  1. The freshly baked area of the cake shop should always be ventilated, clean, tidy and bright, so that customers can feel that every product in the store is freshly baked and made, and the atmosphere is clean and hygienic, which can increase the goodwill of customers.
  2. The product display area is placed outside, and the leisure area is placed inside, so that customers can see the products in the store at a glance when they enter the door, thereby generating the desire to buy.
  3. Design a display area in the cake decoration room, so that customers can see the on-site production process of the decoration artist at a glance, which increases the attraction and brings orders to the store.