Lampblack machine, also known as a range hood, is a kind of kitchen appliances for purifying the kitchen environment. It is installed on the top of the kitchen stove, which can quickly exhaust the waste from the stove and the oil fume which is harmful to the human body in the cooking process, and can condense and collect the oil fume, reduce the pollution, purify the air, and has the safety guarantee function of anti-virus and explosion-proof.

A gas stove is a kind of kitchen utensils that use liquefied petroleum gas (liquid), artificial gas, natural gas, and other gas fuels for direct fire heating. Gas stoves are also called gas stoves, stoves, stoves, and stoves. No one knows the popularity of gas stoves, but it is difficult to see a general concept.

Disinfection cabinet is a kind of tool for drying, sterilization, heat preservation, and dehumidification for tableware, tableware, towel, clothing, beauty salon, medical equipment, and other articles by means of ultraviolet, far-infrared, high temperature, and ozone. It is generally in cabinet shape. Most of the cabinet body is made of stainless steel, and the panel is made of toughened glass or stainless steel.

kitchen appliance store design

The disinfection cabinet is the first electrical product invented in China. It is widely used in hotels, hotels, restaurants, schools, troops, canteens, and other places. More and more Chinese families pay attention to the importance of disinfection cabinet, which will also be one of the household appliances in the future.

Four Principles On Kitchen Appliance Store Design

Hygiene principles

Kitchen utensils should have the ability to resist pollution, especially to prevent cockroaches, mice, ants, and other contaminated food functions, in order to ensure the internal quality of the whole kitchen utensils. Some cupboards in the market have been sealed with cockroach proof strips. This technology can effectively prevent food from being contaminated.

Fire prevention principle

The kitchen is the only area where an open fire is used in modern homes. The fire resistance and flame retardancy of materials determine the safety of kitchenware and even the family, especially the fireproofing ability of the surface layer of kitchenware is an important standard for choosing kitchenware. Therefore, the surface materials of kitchenware produced by regular kitchenware manufacturers are all made of non-combustible and flame retardant materials.

The principle of convenience

The design of kitchen utensils is very important in the process of design. Then is the height of the stove, the position of the cabinet, etc., all directly affect the convenience of use. Therefore, it is necessary to select kitchen utensils that conform to the principles of human body engineering and kitchen operation procedures.

Aesthetic principle

Kitchenware requires not only pleasant shape and color but also durability. Therefore, it is required to have easy anti-pollution and good cleaning performance, which requires that the surface material has a good anti-oil stain and anti soot ability, so that the kitchen utensils can keep the surface clean as new for a long time.