The water purifier also called water purification machine, water purifiers, water is by the use of the depth filter on the water quality, the purification process of water treatment equipment. The water purifier usually refers to a small purifier used for household use.
The core of its technology is the filter membrane in the filter element device. At present, the main technology comes from three types: ultrafiltration membrane, RO reverse osmosis membrane, and nanofiltration membrane!

Selecto Water Purifier Showroom Design

Project background: single purification is an innovative technology enterprise, focusing on the interior design and development of civil water purifier and air purifier products, integrating R & D and sales. The team's core staff has nearly 20 years of working history, relying on technology and sufficient experience, to develop and design high-quality products that meet China's water demand.

water purifier store design

Cooperation content: brand transformation design of Selocto purifier VI

Design strategy: the overall impression ofSelocto logo is low-end, lack quality sense, no industry attribute, and more importantly, it does not convey the high-end, healthy and safe brand temperament, and it can not identify the industry competitors from the brand image alone; the original logo has no necessary suggestions for optimization: overturning transformation design

We think that Selocto's visual temperament should be: high-end health and safety technology

Get a Water Purifier Store Design From Ant

Ant Display is a professional commercial furniture designer and manufacturer, We custom design and build store fixtures and showroom furniture for home appliance products and kitchen appliance products. If you are starting a water purifier retail business and looking for retail shop fixtures, Here you are in the right place. We have the best design reference that will give you great ideas and perfect display fixtures in economic prices. Contact our team today and get your water purifier store build.