The showroom is an essential part of a large company. Customers understand our products, our brands, and our enterprises by visiting our showroom. Therefore, the showroom is not only a window for the company to display to the audience, but also a transmitter of brand image. How to design a good showroom? how to choose the theme of interior design?  how to arrange the location of the display cabinet? how to design excellent concepts is a problem that every showroom designer needs to understand.

In the showroom design, we can get more colorful effects from the monotonous and boring contents by using a variety of display methods. Here is a summary of several efficient trends and design techniques in the showroom design.

Static Graphic Display

Static graphic and the graphic display is the most primitive and widely used form of display, which will be used in all kinds of showrooms. Its advantages are low cost and intuitive information transmission. The deficiency is that the style is simple and dull, which is easy to cause visual fatigue; and the area of the exhibition area is large, but the content can be presented is extremely limited. If the showroom needs to expand and modify the content in the later stage, it is necessary to adjust the whole showroom and move the whole body!

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Audio and Video Display

This kind of presentation form is usually mainly static graphic and graphic display, and the audio and video equipment is used to present the content (such as the speech of characters, news report clips, etc.), and the dynamic display space is created through audio-visual content.

The advantages are active display, more vivid information, easy to attract the audience; and can modify and update the content at any time according to the display demand, to a certain extent, it breaks through the limitation of display space. The disadvantage is that there is little interaction, and not all content can be presented by audio and video, and the performance and applicability are weak.

Digital Multimedia Display

Through the most advanced digital information and real-world interactive exhibition items, such as digital sandboard, interactive projection, Ar/VR kiosk, curtain theater, phantom imaging, and other exhibitions, the conceptual and intentional content is restored to enrich the content of the display. Its advantages are: first, it has strong interaction, more expressive and infectious content, which is convenient for guiding the audience to take on their own role and achieve the purpose of communication and publicity; secondly, it is to break the space limit to the maximum extent, expand the showroom capacity, and also facilitate the expansion and modification of content in the later stage; thirdly, it has a strong sense of technology and good external image. The disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high, and it needs to be planned reasonably to control the funds.

We usually only use the first two display forms to design in the conventional showroom design. For many high-tech enterprises or enterprises with special needs, we can use the digital multimedia display for key content, and the secondary content is designed by graphic display board or audio and video.

layout Arrangements

This is a very important aspect of the showroom design. The division of showroom is especially important, the layout is unreasonable and the division is free. The hall, exhibition room, lounge, and so on have only reasonable spatial distribution so that visitors have a good experience. After determining the functions of each region, the specific design is carried out according to their characteristics.

The overall style of design Determines the style of the entire showroom. The most common decorative styles are China, Europe, Japan, classical, modern, technological, and romantic. What style to choose will undoubtedly have a crucial impact on the overall effect of decoration. The overall style is mainly through some artistic modeling design.

Color & Light Design

Appropriate color design can perform the showroom with full characteristics and unique flavor. Different colors will give people different feelings; if the design is not correct, it may cause visual disharmony, uncomfortable feeling. Light design is also very important in showroom decorations, lighting not only has the function of lighting, but also the function of interior decoration. The changes of light style and light darkness and colors can make the decoration of the showroom looks more prominent and distinctive.

The more complex the experience Pavilion, the more likely it is to confuse visitors, the less likely it is to create a clear and strong impression. In a moment, the general person can only accept limited information. The audience is in a hurry. If the audience can not get clear information in an instant, the audience will not be interested. In addition, the complexity of the experience Pavilion can easily reduce the work efficiency of staff.

Concentrate On Focused Products

The owners of the experience Museum often think that the quantity can show value, so a large number of exhibits are stacked together, and the effect of stacking exhibits in limited space is actually the worst. Lots of museums showcases are full up with the showroom. There must be a choice and a rejection of the selection of the exhibits. Simplicity and clarity are the best way to attract an audience. The photos, charts, and text descriptions shall be clear and concise. Design decorations unrelated to the exhibition objectives and contents shall be minimized. Don't hang pieces on the panel of the stand, such as exhibition manuals, small photos, etc. Don't let irrelevant things distract consumers. The display should be central and focused.

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Highlight Main Showcase

The focus selection should serve the showroom exhibition purpose and will be special products generally new products, most important products, or most valued products. Highlight key exhibits by means of location, arrangement, lighting, etc. The consultation desk can also be the focus. Audio and video equipment can also attract visitors to the experience hall. To produce the maximum display effect, the focus should be designed, but there is not much focus, usually, only one is set. Too much focus can easily distract visitors' attention and weaken the overall impression. It can be highlighted and emphasized by means of separate display and using a spotlight.

Traditional designs, especially for temples, palaces, and banks, always emphasize eternity, authority, and grandeur. However, people should consider the deeper design of the showroom or museums, which are mainly including the purpose, emotion, interest, viewpoint, and the reaction of the target audience. Design from the perspective of the target consumers can not only easy to attract the attention of the target consumers, resonance, but also leave a deep impression on the target consumers.


The multi-element design of the showroom determines whether the visitors can get familiar with our products more quickly. The creative display cabinet layout can not only improve the level of the showroom but also make us enjoy the process of visiting. Therefore, in the exhibition cabinet design of the showroom, we must pay attention to the above-mentioned aspects. Only by grasping the details can we design an excellent and unique showroom design.