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Pedicure Chair

Are you looking for a pedicure chair? A pedicure chair is one of the most important equipment in any salon. It is one of the most needed services in every salon business and a repeated source of income. Therefore, it is important to choose the right pedicure chair for your salon. High-end luxury pedicure chairs will have a higher design style, but you can still achieve a modern style and save budget by considering multiple options. When choosing the best pedicure chair for your salon or spa, don’t forget to consider other available features and options. Most importantly, make sure that the color of your pedicure spa matches the decor of the salon or spa because you can seamlessly integrate new services into your beautiful salon! We produce various pedicure chairs, and we are proud of their design and quality. Check our page and find your favorite chairs.

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We offer a pedicure spa in various styles and colors to match your salon decoration. If you need a special pedicure chair spa, we will find it for you. And try our best to provide you with satisfactory service and price. We also provide pedicure stools, small cars, pedicure spa chairs, and manicure tables. Our nail salon equipment is professional, high-end, and affordable. This is a great choice for a nice spa or salon.

Pedicure Chair For Sale

Wholesale Salon Pedicure Chair For Sale

The pedicure chair is specifically designed to provide pedicure services when technicians need to wash their feet, gently massage, remove dead skin, and perform other foot care procedures. Pedicure provides a good way to relax your feet while also making your feet look cleaner and more fashionable. Depending on the type of pedicure service you want to provide to your customers, you should choose the best pedicure chair. What determines which pedicure chair you should use?

First of all, the absolutely important point of the pedicure spa is the pedicure chair. Today, there are many pedicure spa salon equipment on the market. When choosing a pedicure chair, you need to consider some specific details, and only then will your choice be perfect.

How to choose a pedicure chair?

The most popular are multi-function chairs equipped with electric drives. Sometimes the design of multifunctional chairs may be slightly different because they require hydraulic or mechanical adjustment. In this case, the choice depends only on your budget metrics. Pedicure chairs should help the owner's work and must make the client feel particularly comfortable. In addition, it must also have a beautiful appearance to fit the interior of your pedicure spa salon. Comfort is still the basic feature of the pedicure chair.

Ant Display can provide you with a variety of pedicure chair options, making our pedicure spa an ideal choice for your salon.

The piped-in pedicure chair

The problem with these chairs is that it is difficult to properly sterilize the pipes that flow into and out of the chair, and it is almost impossible to sterilize after each customer. Without proper disinfection, these pipes will multiply bacteria, not to mention that they often leave residues such as dead skin and nails. In this way, these chairs can cause infections, and only one such solution will damage the reputation of the salon.

The tubeless pedicure chair

It has no internal piping system but can be connected to a pipe system, but it works based on a spray system, so the water flowing into the basin will never return to other pipes and will be completely drained after each user uses it. These chairs can be completely disinfected to ensure that your working environment is protected from bacteria. They can be connected to a drainpipe to quickly empty the water storage tank; add water to the bathtub or clean and rinse, and through the automatic stop function, overflow drainage, remote drain plug control, and support stool automatically fill the bathtub with water.

Spa Pedicure Chair

Ant Display provides hygiene solutions for high-end salons who want to provide luxurious spa pedicures but are unwilling to meet their hygiene standards. This is a solution for salon professionals looking to enhance the customer’s spa experience. The pedicure chair has a high back, a sense of luxury, and extra-wide, which can ensure that customers feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Shopping Mall Customize Pedicure Chair For Sale

We also customize the pedicure chairs and manicure tables for indoor shopping mall usage. When you start a nail kiosk in the mall or open a nail salon inside the shopping center. The prebuild standards size pedicure chair is not able to fit inside the space. So what. Ant Display offers you a customizes service to create any ideal manicure table and pedicure chair to fit every business space. From material to dimensions, from function to operate style, ant display can 100% bespoke an ideal pedicure station for your mall used nail bar center. 

The Ant Showroom provides the highest quality pedicure chair at the lowest price guaranteed. We will match the advertising price with any competitor's price. Since we have more than 200 pedicure chairs for you to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed when deciding the best way for your salon. Since 2002, we have extensive experience in the nail industry and we are here to help you choose the best pedicure chair at the right price. Call us immediately, and you will only be obliged to purchase our savings products if you are satisfied with our services. If you have any needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.