If you want to sell the jewelry and want to open a jewelry shop. Besides finding a good location, also need a good store interior decoration. Before we decorate the store, we need to make a store design first. After you are satisfied 3d design, we will start to decorate the shop according to the design.

Style: We need to confirm the style firstly, then we will design the jewelry store based on the style. You can see the design which is European style and is very high-end.

Jewelry Store Design

Color: In general, there are more and more shops appearing on the street. The different brand has a different location and also has different color for the shop. Most stores will use the gold color, which will be more luxurious. And there are some people use the wood color also, which will make the whole store more classical. Other colors also can be seen, like white, pink, black and etc...You can see the 3d design in which we use the black with white lines, and some gray colors to match the store. The whole color assortment is very simple but high-end.

color of the store

Layout: the layout is very clear and clean. The middle of the store has a huge TV, and advertises the brand. And the bottom of the TV has a sitting area, where customers can sit there and wait. And there are display stands surrounding the wall, and there are also some glass showcases on the front of the wall display stand.

store layout

Wall display stand: you can see the three sides of the jewelry store has a wall display stand, which is very high-end. You can display the necklace in the showcase because it has a huge space in the showcase and is suitable to put the neck model.

display stand

display showcase

Display showcase: There are some display showcases we put on the front of the wall display stand. And Customers can sit at the front of the showcase, and try to wear jewelry.

glass showcase

Cashier Desk: The cashier desk is very important for each store. We usually put the cashier's desk close to the door, and it is will be more convenient and safe. Customers can pay the bill after they have jewelry that they liked, and go out.

whole design