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With its recognized status as a leading jewelry and diamond brand, ANANTA JEWELRY has taken a milestone step in its thirty-year history and decided to redesign the company's image and retail space.

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From the high-end jewelry business to the transformation of lifestyle jewelry brands, ANANTA has brought diversity to its products to meet various needs and meet the needs of customers of all ages, tastes, behaviors and budgets.

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More importantly, the new brand identity aims to introduce a new concept and value to make diamond and colored gemstone jewelry more accessible and wearable, making it an unforgettable moment for everyone, while maintaining the highest level of the brand.

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For this rebranding, IF is responsible for interior design and environmental graphics, all of which are based on the name "ANANTA" and the conceptual definition of "eternity" in Sanskrit. There is a relativity between the literal meaning of the name and the intertwined lines of the brand's infinite logo.

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IF developed an internal plan based on the unique arc of the logo, providing a continuous flow of space, including folded and curved arc walls that define the functional corners of the store.

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The design divides the interior into three parts. The "lifestyle" part occupies approximately 70% of the space. To showcase the brand's lifestyle jewelry collection, IF combined luxury with optimism and playful gimmicks to make the area look less intimidating and more accessible. The owner can adjust the decoration to keep the space and user experience fresh and exciting.

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The "male" section is contained in the same area, which displays works designed for male users. The decoration of this area adopts dark colors such as black and navy blue, and white as the overall atmosphere and tone form a sharp contrast, thus making the decoration simple.

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"Moment" (area for lifestyle jewelry products with customized styles and prices) aims to embody a fun and elegant atmosphere. The last area "Bride" focuses on wedding rings, conveying feminism and dreamy, lively female spirit. The design feature of the "High Jewelry" area is the products derived from the ANANTA brand, the essence of which is still exquisite, but more friendly and warm.

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The tones used in the graphic design of the interior space and environment correspond to the brand's original and new company colors. From the front, the overall atmosphere of this store looks more vivid due to the presence of blue and navy blue. Brown is the original company color of the brand and is used with white and other decorative elements such as furniture.

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In order to create a more understandable image for the brand, the design team used colors and materials that make ANANTA different from other similar agencies.

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Floor Design of the jewelry store,

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