This is a small electronic-products retail store but has large various types of products to display. So, how to ultra use the limited space to create an appealing and functional interior design become the key point. The smartest idea of this store design is mostly to use the wall racks and shelving units that have both decoration functions and display functions. All the wall display shelves are Slatwall display or pegboard display without wide shelves so as to leave more space for a customer going around.

Yellow lamps on top of the display stands is another remarkable feature, the wooden textured display is just a perfect match to the yellow lamps.

computer store design

Wonderful effect of the lamp design

tablet store Design

All the wall display are fixed with short hooks Slatwall fixtures, it can display all the small phone accessories in the best visual effect without occupying too much space. If you have a small retail store to decorate, you can use more wall display racks instead of middle island display stands.

electronic gadgets Design

When the shop is narrow and long, we can more use the walls to display. to create a round or circle for the customer flow inside the shop. On one side of the window area, there are resting benches in solid wood frames and blue cushions. Customers can easily have a rest when shopping. The retail counter are placed in the end of the shop, More products will be visible on two sides of the store when a customer wants to go to the reception area.

laptop store Design

cell phone store Design

headphone shop Design