electronic shop design

Electronic products are high-tech products, which are very helpful to our lives. There are countless electronics stores, they have many styles, colors, and different types of products. When we design an electronics store, we generally need to follow the advice of the owner. In other words, we need to design the style of the entire store according to the owner’s requirements.

Electronics Store

Electronic Product Store Color

The color inside the stone mainly depends on the color of the walls, floors, and display furniture. They are basically the same or matching colors. For electronics stores, we do not recommend large areas of color, it will look very fancy. Colorful is only suitable for candy stores.

The colors of common electronics stores are white, wood or black. Sometimes other colors are mixed, but the colors of the entire store must look very harmonious.

Because electronic products are high-tech products, they are more suitable for some dark styles. Then our furniture can use black color, and the lighting can be selected with some colors, just like this store shown below.

Electronics Store Design

It looks very advanced, the main color is black and wood. The ceiling and display cabinet lights are normal white lights. The purple light bar is a decorative light.

Furniture Layout

Furniture and products are the main reasons for attracting customers. The furniture layout of the store is very important. A good layout can make reasonable use of all the space and will not feel crowded. A bad layout can make the whole store look messy.

Electronics Store Furniture

We can put some tall cabinets against the wall on two walls, and we can fill the display cabinets. Then according to the area in the middle, place an ordinary showcase of the appropriate size. The display at the entrance can be designed with some more advanced or attractive furniture. The furniture at the entrance of this store is shaped in the middle of the cabinet. The outside over is meshed, surrounded by purple light bars, and the white countertop is used as the display area. Some headsets and speakers can be placed.

Furniture Type

The type of furniture is also part of the design. Because all the furniture is custom-made furniture. The type of furniture is determined according to the type of our products. Most of this store is the slat-wall display, it is used with hooks, and its capacity is very large, This type of cabinet can be used for accessories. For electronic products, we can design a display table with some simulators on it, so that customers can also test and understand its performance.

The style, color, and size of the furniture can be customized. After the design is completed, we can see their functions and effects.

 display showcase

Logo & Decoration

Almost every brand is its logo, especially for stores. Even if it is not an international brand, we still need to have our own logo. We usually install the logo on the top of the store entrance, just like a car needs a license plate number, the logo is also indispensable. It is not only the certification of our brand but also the decoration in the store.

As mentioned earlier, the purple light bar can be used as decoration, but it is only a decoration for the display cabinet. The decoration of the entire store can use 3D luminous logos and lightboxes. The content of the lightbox is a picture of the product or some related posters.

Electronic Product Store Design

Design is the process of selecting and confirming furniture. For a professional store, buying custom furniture is the best choice. The design is to help us confirm the style, color, size, total quantity, etc. of the furniture. If the designed furniture is not what we want, we can still modify it. In this way, we can get furniture that meets our requirements and store dimensions. Therefore, design is very necessary. We are a furniture customization company and we also have a design team. You can accomplish everything here. Including store design, customized furniture production, and transportation.