Vape shop

Cigarettes are harmful to the body, but even so, there are still many people who like to smoke. Compared with cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are a little safer and more convenient, but they are not completely harmless. E-cigarettes are electronic products that imitate cigarettes and have the same appearance, smoke, taste and feel like cigarettes. It is a product that allows users to inhale after nicotine is turned into steam by means such as atomization. In many places, minors are also prohibited from smoking e-cigarettes.

But for a large number of people, e-cigarettes are a very convenient and high-end existence. Vape stores are also very popular nowadays. Many people will open vape stores or vape kiosks based on the size of their business. Both of these are ways to start a business. There are more issues to consider in the store. Because a complete store needs to go through several steps such as renovation, purchase of furniture and decoration. What is the internal situation of the vape store?

vape shop design

Vape store Design

Before we start decorating the store, we will definitely have an idea or a plan. What do we want to set up the store? We need to paint the walls, decorate the ceiling and floor, and buy furniture. Without a plan, it will be very flustered and very error-prone. Therefore, when we first rent the store, we need to make a design for the store first. 3D design covers all issues in this area. Such as wall and floor styles, colors, ceiling lights, wall decorations, and the number of furniture, colors, and placement. If the design meets our requirements, we can complete the construction in accordance with the design drawings.

When we starting design, we will first build the store model according to the floor plan. We will design the colors and styles of the walls and floors. Then design the furniture and put them in. The Final is the design of the ceiling light and wall decoration. Let’s take a look at the design of this vape store.

e-cigarette shop cabinet

Build Vape Store Model

When we start designing, we need to clearly know the dimensions of the entire store, including the spacing between the pillars and so on. Only in this way can the interior furniture be accurately designed. All we need to build a model is to know the size of the store, and we need the customer to provide a floor plan. The floor plan is the top view of the store. We need to know the specific dimensions of each wall, pillar, and glass wall before we can build a model.

This store is rectangular, with glass doors and glass walls on the entrance side. There are 4 compartments inside, and the display area is in the middle. What we need to design is the middle area. Front the top view, you can see the layout of all the furniture.

vape shop layout

Vape Store Layout

The size of this store is relatively large. In addition to displaying the furniture inside, it also needs a rest area where customers or some owner’s friends can rest or chat. This area can be on the inside. The entrance needs a reception desk like a convenience store. It is similar to a shopping mall kiosk, with an L-shaped display cabinet plus a wall display at the back. On the wall is a big screen, which can be a lightbox or an advertising player. On the other wall, you can also put tall cabinets for display. In the middle are some ordinary glass display cabinets. Customers can buy their favorite e-cigarettes just like visiting a mobile phone shop or jewelry shop.

reception desk

Store Decoration

About the decoration, it is not just decoration, they are also very useful. Such as the ceiling and lightbox. Ceiling lights are a necessity in every store. It has many shapes, colors, and types. We have to choose the light to match our store. This store is a vape store, then we can’t use some luxury such as some 5 start hotel crystal chandeliers. Vape shops can use some normal light or some spotlight.

Wall decoration is the lightbox, lightbox content is a poster. It can be the vape picture or some model pictures.

vape shop stand


You can see those above points from the 3D design. The furniture type, quantity, lightbox, ceiling type, and wall color. We can produce the inside furniture and lightbox according to the design drawings. It is very convenient for us to purchase the furniture and decorate the store. So the store design is very necessary and important.