Creative Candy & Toys Shop Interior Design

For most retailers, their target customers group is the children. But children doesn’t have consumer ability, they can drive adult consumption. Sometimes, the adult will make purchases for children, either actively or passively. For some candy shops, toys shops, amusement park, the shop owner prefer to make the shop interior decoration or equipment into the children theme, which can fit the children styles. In this way, people can know it is the place which can be for their children to have fun and attract more children. The children will like it very much and like your candies or toys. They can take adults here again and again. A good candy or toys shop decoration is also necessary. Here I will share you the one candy and toys shop interior design.The shop sells these two items together.

Design concept

Before 3D design, the shop owner is very clear about what theme he wants to express. As his shop wall is blue, he want to make the candy and toys shop into a “beach” item. It is because that their big brand is called “Cowabunga’s” in US, which is a fun children play area for 10 years, and Cowabunga’s is a fun hing popular with beach and surfing. They make their play area look like a nice beach inside. According to the shop owner requirement of the style, our designer makes a great shop design for him.


ant candy shop design

This is the shop layout of the design. We can see that the designer makes good use of the shop area for the shop owner. We can also see the whole shop style with the display shelves styles. Next, let’s see the details of the display furniture design and some decoration details separately.

Candy & toys shop display fixture

> Wall display shelves

There are several styles of the wall display shelves for this shop. Let’s see the left side part first from the view of entering the shop. The white display shelves is with a little blue which match the blue wall and sea color. The shelves top has the wave shape pattern to fit the beach theme. The backboard of the shelves is the pegboard. It is very convenient for the shop owner to hang the hooks freely. Then he can display the products according to their features and varieties. Further more, the shelves is designed with many nails on their sides, then the layers can be adjustable casually. The shop owner can adjust the layer place based on the candies or toys sizes. Here is a wonderful and considerate design idea. The display shelves can play their best role. Its beside is one green display shelf. Its side cabinet top has many candies dispensers and its bottom have many grids for display the products too. 

Another wall display shelves is also different from other two kinds shelves. Its frame is black with luminous spotlights and its backboard is the aluminum groove plate. You can use many hooks on the plate. The shelf top has 3D acrylic luminous logo.

>Storage area

The shop leaves a area for the storage at left side. The shop owner can extra store his candies and toys as the in stock. The wall board top is designed the pattern elements with whales, shells, and other elements of sea and beach as the theme decoration. The display shelves are along the storage wall and fill with the shelves. Then people can find and purchase many products here.

>Display stand

3 green different type display stands are in the shop middle near the shelves. The middle pillar is black and layers are green. The stands have many layers.

In addition, there are two creative boat shaped display stands. The stand bottom is like a boar and its two sides have life buoy decorations. The display racks is the boat middle. The shape design is unique and very nice in the shop. They can attract the children’s eyes and interests.

What’s more, the shop still has a big and special shape display stand. It is like two “Y” letters which connect together. But the stand middle is curved. It combines blue and white two colors. The stand can also display many candies and shelves. Its opposite side has the display shelves against the wall. The wall is decorated with the brick pattern.

Reception desk area

The reception desk area is also very delicate and beautiful. It has the L shape frame at top for hanging delicate lamps decoration and the frame can show the logo. The reception desk is also L shaped and its shape is special. The reception desk countertop is white and other parts are blue. It has irregular angles decoration on the surface. Its another side is the shelves for displaying. Inside the area, there are 3 creative display shelves for putting something and their layers have the LED lights. The good design of the reception area can let people have more options. They can choose some candies or toys at the volley when pay for the products here, especially the children. When children with adults at the reception desk, they will take more if they are interested in something. One beautiful carpet is at front of the desk, and its pattern is about the beach element.


In addition to the display shelves features, there are also some other decorations for the shop theme.

Wall decoration: The wall hangs many different color life buoy decorations. The life buoy is one item of the sea and beach. When people see it, they can feel the beach atmosphere directly. It is also a popular decoration for many retail shops.

Ceiling lamps: The lamps lighting is also one important part for a shop. In the design, we use cute marine organism shapes squid lamps with different colors. Another lamp style is cloud shape. They can attract the visions when people come in to the door.

Floor decoration: The floor has a wave shape attractive shape along from the facade door to the end two doors. We can also see the layout clearly from the view, the display furniture is placed well with the carpet shape. The shop doesn’t have no extra place, instead, everything fits the shop and make it rich and show the products better.

Design details

You can send us your own shop floor plan and your some ideas about the shop, we are professional on making 3D effects.

Design fee: 500-1000 dollars, it will depend on your shop size.

Service: Clear 3D pictures, modification and technology drawing.

Time: 3-5 working days.

After you confirm the final shop design, we can have a good cooperation and produce the relevant display furniture according to design for you.


The candy & toys shop design matches the concepts very well. The designer plays his creative imagination. A great and attractive shop design can help you run a better business. Our design can show you all details. No matter you have the requirements on the size, shape, color, we can meet the needs. Our Ant Display Limited can offer you one-stop service from design, production, shipping, after-service etc.

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