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We all know that the necessary toil for eating is the dining table. After the dining table is used, it often needs to be cleaned. Only by choosing a table that is resistant to dirt and of reliable quality can its lifespan be guaranteed. There are various materials for dining tables on the market, which makes people dazzling, and many people do not know what material is good for buying a dining table. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before purchasing a dining table, we should understand the characteristics of each material of the dining table in all aspects, and then make targeted purchases and combine them. Buy the right table according to your actual situation. The restaurant’s table serves our customers, and it faces more and different groups, so it is also very important to understand different table materials for opening a restaurant.

What is the material classification of the dining table?

1.  Solid Wood Material

A solid wood dining table is a dining table made of pure wood. There are no other impurities in the material, and no other auxiliary materials are needed. The legs and the table are directly connected and fixed with holes and wedges. The texture of the wood can generally be seen on the surface of the dining table. It is suitable for all kinds of decoration styles. Solid wood dining tables are classified according to the type of wood and can be subdivided into many types, such as black walnut, white oak, and ebony wood, which are very popular now. The solid wood dining table has a natural texture and color, looks very nice, and is durable at the same time.

solid wood table

2.  Tempered Glass Material

A glass or tempered glass dining table means that the surface of the dining table is made of glass. If it is to be strong, tempered glass is generally used as the material. The table legs are made of other materials, such as metal or plastic materials. The glass dining table is not as good as the solid wood dining table, but it is suitable for young people. It is also very convenient to maintain, easy to wipe, has no moisture-proof measures, is not afraid of high temperature, not afraid of burning. There will be noise when the tableware and the dining table touch, which is not as good as the solid wood dining table, but it is cheap.

tempered glass table

3.  Stone Material

Stone is also very popular now. The stone dining table includes marble, sintered stone, and other stones. Among them, marble dining tables are used more. The marble dining table looks smoother and more textured, and the surface is also very easy to clean. After eating, use a rag, and just rub it on, it is pretty good overall, and its texture is also very beautiful.

The sintered stone dining table loos relatively light because the thickness of it is generally thin. For example, the common sintered stone is 3-12mm thick, which is very thin compared to other materials, and is more suitable for minimalist style decoration. The sintered stone is fired at a high temperature of 1600 degrees, with very high hardness and high-temperature resistance. High hardness is not afraid of ordinary knife cutting, and its surface is also very easy to take care of it.

marble dining table

4.  Stainless Steel Material

The stainless steel dining table will not produce corrosion, pitting, rust or wear, with corrosion resistance, enhanced strength, steel deformation is not easy to break and environment protection performance, not easy to rust. It is suitable for harsh environments (humidity, acid and alkali, and other indoor and outdoor environments) under use.

stainless steel table


5.  Artificial Panel Material

An artificial panel dining table generally refers to a dining table with a particleboard countertop. For example, many dining tables in IKEA are made of this material. This kind of dining table is relatively less durable. After all, the artificial panel is more afraid of water. It swells easily when exposed to water.

restaurant table


How to choose the restaurant dining table?

Select by material:

As far as the material of the tabletop is concerned, most of them are wood, with a warm and thick texture, which is a good choice for those who want to create a warm and fresh feeling. A wooden dining table can also be divided into solid wood and dense board. The former shows the natural texture and thick texture of the log, which adds to the natural atmosphere of the home and is processed by carving, and dyeing. The tabletop can be made of marble, glass, or other metal materials. But no matter what material the table top is made of, the table legs are made of solid wood or steel pipes to have a certain degree of load-bearing capacity.

Select by the size of the dining area:

If the restaurant has a large area, you can choose a table with a heavy feeling to match the space. If the restaurant has a limited area and the number of diners is not certain, you can choose the most common style on the market-the telescopic table, which is currently on market. The more common foldable dining table is more suitable for selection.

Dining Table Size & Distance

When purchasing and setting up a table, we need to consider the size and audience of our restaurant. If there are frequent family or company dinners, we need to choose a larger dining table. It is best to have each size so that different customers can be received. While making use of the space as much as possible, we leave enough space for activities. Before buying, you should first think about where the dining table will be placed in the restaurant, and consider whether the position of the dining table will affect the moving line, so as to avoid injury due to hitting the table and chairs when walking. Generally speaking, you can leave a width of 60 to 100cm in the aisle, and at the same time leave a space of 70cm behind the chair, which will be more convenient when moving dishes or tidying the table.

restaurant design

In addition, the number of users at the table is an important indicator to help determine the length of the table:

Number of people dining Recommended table length
2-4 150-160cm
6 180cm
6-8 180-210cm
10 240cm

After determining the size of the restaurant and the area of the dining area, we can choose the appropriate table. Style of the dining table is best to choose the style consistent with the whole meal. Such as matching the color of the floor, ceiling, or walls. If you are not sure about the number and style of tables, then I suggest we can do a 3D design for the restaurant. We can design the appropriate quantity and style according to your area, it will be more convenient for us to confirm all the detail