jewelry shop

The jewelry store feels particularly luxurious and high-end. When starting a jewelry store, many people will first decorate and then buy furniture. For jewelry stores, the most used furniture is glass display cabinets with golden metal frames. Adding ceiling lights, wall decorations, etc., They can make the whole store very attractive. Beautiful and high-end objects or store decorations can give people a very comfortable feeling, so more people are willing to go to some clean and beautiful stores The styles of jewelry stores are diverse and not all luxurious. Today I want to introduce another style of the store.

The jewelry store I want to introduce today does not have very luxurious decoration on the street, and it does not have a particularly high-end display cabinet. It is like a small self-employed shop. This is a rectangular empty storefront. The ratio of length to width is about 2:1. This ratio of the store is very common. As soon as we saw a store of this size, we knew how to arrange the display furniture inside.

         jewelry shop floor plan

Jewelry Store Layout

For a store of this shape and proportion, the types and locations of furniture we can arrange are basically fixed. Its width is not large if we want to make good use of all the space and have more display space. We can design some tall display cabinets on the two walls of 10m. Then design a suitable kiosk according to the remaining space in the middle. We can design a cash register at 5m inside the store.

jewelry shop furniture

Jewelry Store Display Furniture

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of display furniture in this store. Speaking from a small perspective, tall cabinets also have different display methods. 

Wall Cabinet

The height of the wall display cabinet is generally about 2.4m, and its width is about 0.3m, so even if both walls are filled with tall cabinets, there is still a lot of space in between. The length is generally 1.2m or 1.5m. The number and size of the display furniture need to be determined according to the size of our store. 

The wall cabinets in this store are glass shelf displays, and some neck models can be placed on them to display necklaces. If there is more space, you can also put some decorations. The upper part of this kind of cabinet is a glass box display, and the lower part is a storage cabinet. It is very convenient for storage and display.

The back of the display is a mirror, which can reflect customers and things on the opposite side, and its space will look bigger

Middle Kiosk

In addition to being used alone in shopping malls, jewelry kiosks can also be used in jewelry stores. They are all put together and displayed by a number of separate showcases. These showcases are all the same style and color, and they look like a whole when put together. Its structure is similar to that of a wall cabinet. The upper part is the display, and the lower part is the cabinet.

display showcase

Furniture Material

From the design drawings, we can see that this furniture has two colors, black wood grain, and gold. The black wood grain is the laminate, which is the surface treatment of the display cabinet. The base material of all cabinets is plywood. This is a high-quality board.

The gold color is brushed stainless steel, it is only used as the decoration of these cabinets, and the electroplated stainless steel looks more advanced. Our toe kick uses the same type of stainless steel, which can protect our base well.

The glass uses tempered glass, which is very strong and durable. 

And we will add light strips to the inner top of the glass of all display cabinets, the glass doors and cabinets are also locked.

display cabinet


The above is the layout and furniture introduction of this jewelry store. If you have a store with the same shape, we can use the same layout. The color of the furniture and the style of the entire store can be changed. We can decorate our store according to our own preferences, such as the colors and materials of the walls and floors. Some use ceramic tiles, and some use paint. The choice of ceiling is also very important. If you don’t know how to start, I suggest we can make a store 3D design, just like the 3D design shown above. We can clearly see all the details and make a good decision. While waiting for the furniture, we can also decorate our store according to the design drawings. This is very convenient and guaranteed.

Ant Display

We are a professional manufacturer of store furniture and shopping mall kiosk. Before starting to make furniture, we need to specify a plan based on the customer’s store floor plan. Then we can make the design drawings, which are also made in accordance with the customer’s ideas. We need to confirm all the details with the customer first. Such a the color of the furniture, the style and the decoration of the shop.

 In addition to furniture, we can also provide ceiling lights, 3D luminous logos, and wall decorations. All of these will be shown through the design drawings. So we can see the real effect.

After confirming the final design, we will submit the construction drawings to our factory. Our workers all have many years of work experience, you can get your satisfactory furniture here.