Candy shops are familiar to everyone. The candy shops we usually see are very attractive and colorful at first glance. Colorful colors can always attract children's attention quickly. Our target customers are children. So when designing a store, we need to design according to their preferences. The design of a candy store is generally divided into two parts: inside and outside. The external design is also very important. Only the exterior of our shop looks attractive. Our customers will come in and browse our products.

The store I want to introduce today is customized by a customer from Serbia. She told me all her ideas, and we designed the shop according to her ideas. The floor plan of the store was sent to us by the customer. We design suitable furniture and candy stores according to the size of the floor plan, which is different from other stores. Its display cabinets can be scattered and single. We can put them anywhere.

candy shop furniture

Exterior Design

There is only a luminous logo on the outside of this candy store. But its doors and windows are glass. When our customers pass by our store, they can directly see the content inside. At this time, as long as our internal furniture is attractive enough. For some candy shops without glass doors and windows, we need to design something at the door. For example, put some candy models, hang a luminous candy poster on the wall, or put some candy-related stickers on the door, which can also attract the attention of customers. 

Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, in fact, it is mainly to show us the design of furniture. There are many candy display cabinets in different colors and shapes in these candy shops. They have different shapes and sizes, which makes this shop look more colorful. The back of the cash register is a heart display stand, which can be used as decoration or to display our products, which is very practical. Against the wall is a row of relatively high-level display racks. This type of display has a relatively small length and a tall cabinet, so it is suitable for batch display, so it looks more neat and beautiful. The more unique displays are snail racks and crutches. The snail shelf is a hanging hook if we also sell small dolls. We can hang the doll here. There are a total of 6 acrylic balls on the lollipop display cabinet, which can store candy. We can see that the color of this furniture is not single, different display cabinets can have different colors. Going further inside is another display. Inside are two large curved shelf display cabinets against the wall. There are light strips installed under each layer, which looks very beautiful. In addition to the arc-shaped display cabinet against the wall, there are also two pillar-like displays. This piece of furniture is also very popular.

Display Effect

In addition to furniture, our floors and ceilings can also be decorated. For example, we can buy some colorful ceilings. We all know that there are many types and shapes of lamps. We can choose some lovely ones. From the design above, we can see the display effect of the entire store. Although it has many colors, it does not look very messy and messy. Because most of these colors are light colors, they look very bright. What do you think of these candy furniture designs? A good-looking shop often depends on its overall tone, and it is not that the more colors the better, the more assorted furniture the better. If we want to buy interior furniture, we must first see if they match the layout or style of our store. The best way is to put the furniture you want in the shop according to the size of your shop and make a 3D design. Only then can we see the effect. If some furniture colors are not suitable, we can also change the color. This can help us to more accurately buy the furniture we want.